Reasons Why The Candyman Should Be Saved for Theatre

The news suggesting that the most awaited Mulan will go directly to VOD due to the ongoing pandemic has left the fans in confusion. They can’t decide whether they should be happy that they will finally get to watch the movie or they should be sad because they could have enjoyed a lot more on the big screen.

Where most of the upcoming movies are going straight to the VOD rather than waiting for the movie theaters to open up again, it won’t be wrong to assume that the upcoming horror film, Candyman, will also follow the trail.

But genuinely, it won’t be fair for such a massive, big-budget blockbuster that needs to be released in theatres. Well, here are five reasons why.

Candyman Might Get Lost On VOD

The first Candyman movie that is 1999’s Candyman: Day of the Dead did not make a significant splash on the big screen back then. Which means, the film might struggle to make it big in theatres this time as well, let alone putting it on VOD.

It is feared that Candyman might get lost on Netflix, where you have an ocean flowing of content.

So if the Candyman franchise is thinking of making a considerable comeback, then it’s going to need the big screen.

 A Horror Movie Requires the Audience Reaction

A lot of elements work together to make a movie feel horror. And if you watch a horror movie at the comfort of your home, pausing to take bathroom breaks, it will only kill the elements of that movie.

Imagine watching the same movie in a theatre with the whole audience shrieking around; it feels like a tsunami of fear.

This feeling of fear makes a movie horror and unforgettable that can only be attained in theatres and not home theatres.

Thinking that this element might help Candyman to get people in the seats, might just make it a hit. This doesn’t seem possible otherwise.

Having Jordan Peele’s Name on The Project Would Likely Get More Audience At The Box Office Than On VOD

Jordan Peele is popularly known for his work in comedy and horror genres. And the fact that his name is attached to this project, people would likely buy a ticket.

Although he did not direct the new Candyman, he did help in writing and producing the movie, which definitely makes him involved in the film.

People love him so much that they would like to see anything that Jordan Peele has to offer. Thus, his name on the project can definitely fetch more revenue and fame to the Candyman.

The Box Office Could Be Kind To Candyman

Tony Todd plays the title character in the original Candyman. The story is pretty unique for dealing with the distinctively black race and the inner city. So, it may already have a built-in black audience that might want to come to the theaters.

People Are Going To Be Excited To Get Back Into The Theaters 

And lastly, when this pandemic is finally over, and it is safe to go back to theaters again. Your social media will be spammed by people posting stories, where they will be watching anything and everything in the theatres. And if Candyman happens to meet its new October 16th release date, it would be the first horror movie to hit theaters after the unwanted vacation.

But if in case Candyman is directed to VOD, especially in October, it will likely be forgotten since there are so many other spooky options to watch on Netflix and Hulu at the same time.

Hopefully, now one can understand, putting the new Candyman straight on VOD is not going to give success

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Source: Reasons Why The Candyman Should Be Saved for Theatre

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