Reasons Why You Need To Use Greaseproof Paper


Greaseproof paper, often known as parchment paper, is a specialty quality of paper used in food packaging. This greaseproof paper usually has a low GSM (25-100 GSM) and unique features to guarantee that it operates as desired. This paper is frequently in direct contact with high grease levels and is exposed to high temperatures. These traits improve manufacturing process of printed greaseproof paper while also classifying it as a specialty grade with premium characteristics and pricing.

Evenly baked

All baking sheets are not created equal. Because of the metal used and the construction, some pans are better at transferring heat evenly across the entire surface. Others have hot and cold spots that cause baking problems. Using greaseproof paper between the baking sheet and the paper creates a thin airy layer that helps regulate temperature and neutralise hot spots.

Reduces the likelihood of unwanted spread

Nothing is more unappealing than flat, greasy-looking cookies. Cookie dough sticks to parchment paper, resulting in fuller cookies that don’t spread too much. Cookies with a thicker centre tend to be softer in the middle.

Stickiness is no longer an issue

Baked cookies slip right off the baking sheets when they’re wrapped in parchment paper. Using parchment-lined cake pans allows the cakes to effortlessly flip out of the pans without sticking to the bottom.

Cutting with care

Have you ever wondered why brownies and bars in images appear to be flawless, but are squished or strewn over the edges? If you use parchment paper to line baking pans before baking, you may easily remove the entire sheet of treats out of the pan using the paper’s edges. This allows for clean, straight cuts without the pan’s sides getting in the way.

Easy Clean up

Do you despise scraping burnt-on crusty pieces from large pots and baking sheets? Using parchment paper to line pans makes clean up a joy. Simply discard the used parchment paper and clean the pan with warm water. To make cleaning quick and easy, use parchment paper not only for baked products but also for roasted meats and veggies.


Before baking, wrap fish, poultry, and meat in parchment paper envelopes to create a steam pocket that gently cooks the flesh. This ensures a juicy and delicate texture while also lowering the risk of overcooking.

Take a deep breath and relax

When compared to foil and plastic wrap, parchment paper allows meals to breathe a little while being wrapped. As a result, the exterior crusts retain crisp rather than becoming soggy. Is it possible to use foil or wax paper instead of parchment paper? Yes, for wrapping. However, parchment paper bought from printed greaseproof paper suppliers is the finest option for baking.

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