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All business owners are aware of the vital importance of the receipting process to keep payments made up-to-date. Make a receipt  There is nothing more frustrating for a client than to have to return to a business with proof of a payment that has not been deducted from his or her account.

Although most Receipt Generator  contain the same information, it would be best to review a number of receipt sample sources before introducing your format of choice. It is important that you shop around. If you are going to download a free template from the Internet, you are able to add your company name, logo and the receipt number to each receipt generated electronically.

Many clients choose to manage their payments, online. Your office staff therefore needs to keep up to date with these transfers. Bank statements need to be checked daily and payments made deducted from your clients’ accounts.

Your software program should link payments received to invoices issued and payments made should immediately reflect on your client’s statement. The updated client statement will obviously include payments made and the receipt number for the payment, and the new outstanding balance, if any.

It is probably safest to have a system for the handling of cash specifically. Shop around for the Store Receipt  sample that best suits your needs. Make sure that all cash payments are receipted immediately. Using carbon paper is your best bet when you need to make sure that the payment made and the receipt handed to the customer are the same amount. Stick to a daily bank reconciliation and make sure receipt books are balanced against the bank deposits made.

It is best to have someone checking on the cash received. If one employee receipts cash payments, another person should do the banking and bank reconciliation against the Free receipt maker , to prevent fraud and theft.

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