Received Flowers? Here Are a Few Tricks to Make Them Last Longer


Mother Nature has given us a lot of precious things, and flowers are one of them. Receiving flowers makes us feel special, especially when we receive them from our loved ones unexpectedly.

So you have received flowers and you’re wondering how to take care of them. Unfortunately, many don’t know how to take care of flowers and watching them wilting sooner can be sad.

To help you, we, the best florist Charlottesville VA, have shared some tricks to make your gift last longer:-

Preparing the Flowers

If you have received a bouquet of flowers that you are putting in your own vase, this advice is for you. Preparing the flowers before arranging them in the vase is the key to maintaining the freshness of the flowers for a long time.

-Clean the stems as the residual dirt can make the water dull, and remove the lower and visibly wilted leaves. You don’t want any leaves in the vase water. This prevents the foliage from rotting and creating bacteria.

-If you have received the flowers from a professional florist Charlottesville VA, they should be ready to set in the vase. However, it’s important to trim the stem at least an inch to allow the fresh water to be drawn up the stem.

-Use garden secateurs or scissors to cut the stems rather than a knife.

-Cut the stems immediately before you place them in the vase. You can arrange the flowers in your hands first if you like.

Arranging the Flowers in the Vase

-Once you prepare the flowers, it’s time to prepare the vase and arrange the flowers.

-Always use a clean vase as the bacteria in a dirty vase can cause the flowers to rot sooner.

-Fill the vase with tap water, and then add the flower food, and mix according to the package instructions. The flower food provides nutrients for growth and slows the production of ethylene.

-Don’t add bleach or vodka or other home remedies .

-Now add the flowers and make sure they are neatly arranged.


-Keep flowers in a cool part of the room and away from direct sunlight.

-Ensure to change the water regularly, clean out the vase with hot water, and fill with fresh cool water.

-When you change the water, add more flower food and trim the stems a little.

-Remove flowers that are wilted and discard decayed stems.

-Take care of them with love, and they will make you happy.

Whether you received the flowers from your loved one or got them from the flower shops in Charlottesville VA to pamper yourself, these tips should help them last longer.

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