Recent “Avengers” Leaks have Revealed a Very Surprising Thing

The leaks have unveiled the fact that Kratos is the one who is giving his voice to the Black Panther when he arrives.We are not quite sure of what would become of the “Avengers” game from Crystal Dynamics in the long run; we can rest assured that at least three more heroes are joining the team that already has six heroes.

Kate Bishop is due for a launch soon. “Hawkeye” will follow soon after, and although Black Panther has not been announced yet, we can expect him to arrive next year or the year after that. And he will make the game more expansive with the addition of the Wakanda raid.

Well, let me hype you a bit more. Several reports have emerged which have suggested to us that the game designers have signed another talented voice actor for the role of King T’Challa, aka the Black Panther. And his name is Christopher Judge, who is famous for giving his voice to “Kratos” from “God of War.”

The revelation has come courtesy of some data mining works done by some fans. One of such fans goes by the name Miller. And he has done some terrific work in bringing out some secrets. He has found out some details pertaining to the character Black Panther in the “Avengers” game.

He has found out who will be the one to voice Black Panther in the game. His revelation is trending all over the internet, and several Marvel fans have suggested that the more they listen to the voice, the more they come to realize the fact that the voice that Miller has found is of Christopher Judge.

Yes, the leaks have suggested that “Kratos” voice artist Christopher Judge will portray Black Panther in the game.

While this has not been made official, and the news can only be treated as a rumor for now. Judge’s signing is not quite a difficult thing to believe when we look at the names of the other voice artists signed in to play characters.

Nolan North has voiced Tony Stark, Troy Baker has voiced Bruce Banner, and the veteran voice artist Laura Bailey has given her voice to the Black Widow. Apart from them, Sandra Saad gave an award-winning performance as Kamala Khan.

The upcoming character Kate Bishop will be portrayed by Ashly Burch, who has done some splendid work with characters such as Aloy and Tiny Tina.

So, considering that it does not look like the news regarding Christopher Judge’s signing as the Black Panther is a figment of somebody’s imagination.

We also have to keep in mind that the game developers need to be more sensitive with T’Challa as we have recently lost Chadwick Boseman, who had indisputably done his life’s best work in the character.

Speaking of that, what is your opinion regarding the fact that Shuri has been chosen as the new Black Panther? Are you happy with that, or would you have preferred somebody else take up the charge of Wakanda, leaving Shuri to do what she does best?

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