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EDCS is one of the Top Recruitment Company in Bangalore and Best Staffing Agency in Bangalore, Provides Services for Both IT and Non IT.

As a fast growing organization in delivering pertinent resources to bridge the requirements that the ever-growing technology and human resource sector entail, we at Expora Database Consulting Services Pvt Ltd are attentively helping the clients across the planet since the last 10+ years. We help our clients to break new grounds to fulfill their staffing requirements and to enrich their skill resources with qualified employees. Our service supports to add new hues of technology and the appropriate employees to steer it for a seamless business operation. Our expertise spans across diversified services and its successful employment such as SAP service, Database, and Infrastructure support and Mobile application development. Further, we are serving as the best staffing solution consultant that ushers the outstanding human resources to their dream workplaces across the globe.

In today’s competitive environment, people with multiple skill sets are high in demand. Every organization or a business enterprise is seeking after talented human resources who can execute specialized jobs on a long-term and short-term basis. Being one of the best staffing in Bangalore and payroll processing consulting company, EDCS’ business services that include Staff-Augmentation for the past eight years delights various business enterprises on supplying the relevant staff requirements across the sector. As a leader in the Staff Augmentation program EDCS works across all industry verticals and servicing all Fortune 500 customers. Also, we serve as a promising staffing agency that every job aspirants can find near them. Using an innovative, best-in-class AI-enabled human resource recruiting engine, we bridge the IT and Non-IT-talent gap in almost all industrial sectors. Thereby our clients have ranked us as their top 3 human resource suppliers on their talent acquisition performance index. In our staffing service, we incorporate all sort of hiring solutions such as permanent staffing, contract staffing, payroll processing overall we function as the best talent acquisition firm among the recruiting companies in Bangalore.

Using our extensive HR networks and pool of resources coupled with robust consulting experience, EDCS is capable of providing the best talent resources for multiple domains. We add value to your business by reducing the time and cost spent by your company in executing hiring cycles. Our tailormade staffing solution strategies are renowned for locating the best skill-hands across the market.

Using our comprehensive workforce management solutions, we are capable of focusing on the unique company needs in talent capital development and becoming your valued partner in the sourcing and hiring process. Our staffing services are driven by carefully devised processes accounting for factors like:

  • Automated screening of candidates based on job descriptions
  • Shortest possible turnaround time while dealing with a client’s request
  • Ability to provide talent in huge numbers
  • Optimizing operational costs to provide a cost-effective deal for our clients
  • Flexible solutions to suit our clients’ varying needs
  • Dedicated business analyst for client coordination
  • Business Analytics to help customers to take decisions faster

EDCS is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company offering software solutions, infrastructure management, enterprise service and remote database services along with IT and non-IT staffing services. We are a young and fast growing enterprise with a forward looking vision at delivering innovation, value and technological expertise across all markets.

EDCS is head quartered in Bangalore, India and extended office in KL Malaysia and believes in expertise being a journey. EDCS’s recruitment engine is a key offering in today’s fast evolving business atmosphere. Thanks to fast changing technologies enterprises need fresh new talent with operational knowledge about new tech. Locating this talent is where the recruitment engine’s true potential is experienced.

Our core values stem on a goal-driven global approach that makes for to suffice customer requirements at the best possible quality standards that stands our clients out in the upmarket.

We are a team of dexterous technocrats, and innovative strategists who are capable of handpick the most suitable human resource and IT recommendations and technology support for our amazing clients.

Being a promising success partner for more than a decade in staff recruitment and IT support domain we are proud to offer our Quality Management System (QMS) ISO 9001:2008 & 2015 to ensure an impeccable service with excellent growth strategies and reasonable operational cost.

Our Core Values

We laid our foundation on certain nerving values that integrates all the business ethics and  principles that usher us to our end goal “customer satisfaction”.

Business Integrity

To operate with integrity in services and honesty in reliance, competing fairly while maintaining anti-bribery processes and anti-corruption measures and avoiding conflicts of interest.


We function as promising staffing and IT support consultant to upkeep a friendly rapport valuing and honoring all partnerships and business with our suppliers and clients.


As a reliable IT and Staffing  consultant we work to reach goals and objectives by following industry standard procedures.


Our technology expertise and innovative approach  fervently keeps innovations at the heart of operations and seeks better ways to be more inventive.


We guarantee taking responsibility for our actions while maintaining high standards in our service domains such as staffing, IT support and all its tagged allies that we engaged in.

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