Red Dead Online: Locate the Perch and Yarrow

Collecting items and hunting the animals are the two major activities that players have to do in Red Dead Online. Animals hunting and collecting plants are both entertaining activities, but some of them are hard to find. In Red Dead Online, common and legendary two types of categories are available. The legendary animals take a lot of effort and planning to catch. There are a “Yarrow” plant and “Perch” fish available in the game, and players have to find them.

To find Perch fish and Yarrow plants, you don’t have to be a “Fisherman” or the “Herbalist.” The fishes and plants can be used in almost every type of thing, and you can use them for any specific mission.  You can find the plants and animals on every location of the game, but read this guide to find Perch and Yarrow.

Find Perch and Yarrow in Red Dead Online

Perch is a tiny fish that comes in common and legendary variants.

Common Perch

Perch’s common variant is small, and usually appears close to rivers and lakes on the Northern side of the map. They used to show up in similar types of water areas as “Chain Pickerel” and “Redfin Pickerel.” If you are catching Chain Pickerel and Redfin Pickerel, you’re in the right area. When you successfully find the common Perch, use the Bread as bait. Wait for the fish to bite the Bread, and catch it using the reel once you have the opportunity.

Legendary Perch

Legendary Perch is slightly similar to the common one. You can catch them through the normal process, but you can only locate them in specific areas with a specific lure. Move to the “Elysian Pool,” Southside of the “Annesburn” and in the middle of “New Hanover.” Instead of seeing them through the shore, get inside the water and come out to a big rock in the center of the water. Once you get there, start fishing.

Don’t forget to keep a Special Lake Lure to attract the legendary Perch. Only Special Lake lure can help you to catch the legendary Perch.

Yarrow Location

Yarrow is a wonderful plant to collect. It can easily fill the HP or can be used to make medicine. Players who are playing the Herbalist challenge have to collect a total of six of these plants.

Yarrow is a plant, so the best thing players can do is check out the forest and grassy areas. It’s a big flower in red color, and you can spot it easily from a far distance. However, if you face a problem while locating it, you can use the Eagle Eye for a quick spot. There are a couple of spots you can check are South of Rhodes, New Hannover, and North of Bolger Glade. Yarrow isn’t a rare plant, so while searching for it, keep your eyes open, and check every area you pass through.


Every animal and plant has its specialty. Plants usually help to make medicines and restore health instantly. Some plants consume a lot of time for finding, but if their exact or environmental location is available, things can get quite easy. Red Dead Online offers a whole different level of exploring plants and animals that most of the players love.

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