“Eyes in the street” or video security and surveillance has become a pressing issue rather than commonly purported as feeding the paranoia phenomenon! With looming threats from tainted elements of the society to happy-trigger citizens to ensuring refined city management; video analytics surveillance offers administration a streamlined way of keeping things in check and maximize the output from time and resources invested for laying down the ethos of society.

Security camera video analytics enables security teams to keep an eye on various activities for taking pre-emptive actions against the behavior which can cause disruption of peace while decreasing the need for constant human surveillance. Moreover, post-incident, efficient video analytics security systems
can generate priority alerts for intelligence teams and law enforcement so that damage control can be carried out and protocol can be put in place as preventive measures for the future.

To elaborate more on its application and to delve deeper into understanding how video analytics surveillance can redefined our society by making it safer, we have listed 5 manners in which it can simply life and make it more fruitful for the city dwellers while detangling and ironing out the job of the administration–


  1. Traffic surveillance- The ever growing “metal-monsters” aka vehicles on the road, be it commercial vehicles of torrent of privately owned ones, require always on-the-toe surveillance team to avoid any sort of accident or disruption of traffic. An efficient Security camera video analytics platform ensures that in case of a vehicle break-drown, accidents or a vehicle flouting the traffic rules, an ‘urgent alert’ can be dropped at the end of authorities to take swift action to address the issue.


  1. Crowd management- Public events and rallies bring in deluge of people at one place turning it into a nightmare of sorts for the administration. With crowd control being one of the positives of video surveillance analytics, city management can read the flow of crowds in particular areas, analyze the density and capacity of the area and hence devise plans to avoid congestion or concentration of traffic.


  1. Face detection- Another application which makes security camera video analytics indispensible is pulling up red flags on the individuals which have been under the lens of the law or who hold a criminal record in the past. Studying their behavior and their efforts of adjusting to normalcy can provide valuable inputs to the administration about corrective measures which needs to put in place to avoid malafide activities.


  1. Securing public faculties From ATMs, banks, parks to hospitals, the amenities which are placed for public convenience is subjected to vulnerability of vandalization. In order to safeguard public property and keep threats in check, surveillance analytics can keep watch on suspicious behavior via live feed and alert the concerned department for putting in place corrective measures in case anything goes amiss. cities with burgeoning population and unbridled demands of homo sapiens, turning a city which can “think and fix” itself is need of the hour. With the application of security camera video analytics, a system integrated with AI can make well-informed decisions regarding activates such as head Counting, ANPR, Facial Recognition, No Parking Zone control, Garbage Collection to more pressing ones such as Unidentified object detection and Vandalism & Tamper Detection. Appropriated officials can be informed if things are astray and necessary actions can therefore be effected instantaneously.

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