Reduce Anxiety at a Neural Level with Osho Meditation

Meditation is often touted as a cure-all for mental health issues, including anxiety. But does it really work? Can it truly relieve anxiety and bring back a sense of calm into your life?
What science says about thebenefits of meditation?
There is a misconception that mediation is nonscientific, but many studies have actually proven its very real and tangible benefits. Actively training the mind to increase awareness might not be amagic bullet for anxiety, but it is an extremely effective tool in managing the symptoms of the condition.
Researchers have established the health benefits of meditation as proven by scientific research. Here are just a few of them:
· Stress reduction
Many people venture into meditation for its stress-reducing benefits, especially if sleep, high blood pressure, and depression are taking over their lives. Research has shown that the practice can improve the symptoms of stress-related conditions including irritable bowel syndrome, inflammation, and fibromyalgia.
· Anxiety reduction
Because meditation reduces stress, it also helps control anxiety. In fact, a study spanning eight weeks of mindfulness meditation reduced symptoms in people with generalized anxiety disorder. Meditation also improved their stress reactivity.
· Lengthened attention span
Meditation requires focus, and as a result, it increases the strength and endurance of your attention. Studies have even shown that the practice can reverse patterns in the brain, reducing mindwandering and worrying.
· Increased self-control
Consistent meditation will give you benefits beyond your mental health. As you develop mental discipline, youwill slowly break harmful dependencies on addictive substances such as alcohol or food.
Which type of meditation is right for you?
What’s surprising for most people is that meditation doesn’t have to involve humming and sitting in a “yoga” position. There are several types of meditation, and you will reap the most benefits from the types that appeal to you:
· Mindfulness
Mindfulness is the most common form of meditation. The technique requires you to pay attention to your thoughts and observe patterns, allowing you to practice it without any guidance.
· Spiritual
This technique often involves using essential oils, such as cedar, sage, and sandalwood, to heighten the experience.
· Osho
Osho meditation is an active technique that requires you to do several “movements” in an hour. The Osho dynamic practice involves breathing chaotically and jumping, encouraging you to let go of any worries.
If you’re interested in Osho meditation for managing anxiety, visit a local Osho center that offers meditations, group processes, and workshops!
About the Author:
The Osho Leela Meditation Center offers daily meditations, group processes, personal growth workshops, dance, and celebrations. We are located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Boulder, Colorado, and easily accessible from Boulder, Denver, Longmont, and the Front Range communities.

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