Reduce HIV Stigma with a Corporate Sponsorship for your NGO

It is good to know that even when a lot of people have lost humanity there are some people who are still concerned about others. No matter what happens, humanity stays above all this is what keeps us all going. Since we are talking about humanity and good work, how can we forget about non-profitable organizations? These kinds of organizations are truly helping people to lead a better life. And among all the charitable work that is being done, HIV stigma reduction campaigns hold a special place. Such campaigns have helped many people lead better lives. Organizations working for this cause help people know more about this disease and try to remove the stigma attached to it so that people living with HIV get the support and societal acceptance that they need.

But there is just one thing that is stopping these non-profitable organizations and i.e. a lack of funding. If you also run such an organization and work towards reducing HIV stigma, you would know what we are talking about. However, you don’t have to worry because you can apply for grants and can get funding for the cause that you are supporting. Don’t stress too much if you have never applied for grants before because we have mentioned a few tips that you can follow:

• First things first, identify potential grants. That’s right! The first rule of applying for a grant is to find an appropriate grant that fits your needs and requirements.

• Next, you should thoroughly read every detail about the grant that you have selected.

• Next, you must carefully write the application, review it, and submit it on time.

Still confused? Don’t be because we have also found a company that you can trust to support your HIV Stigma Reduction campaign. We are talking about Gilead COMPASS Initiative®, an initiative started by Gilead Sciences, Inc. with an aim to help non-profit organizations.

Gilead Sciences, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company that intends to contribute to HIV stigma reduction.

Other than stigma reduction, Gilead Sciences, Inc., through the Gilead COMPASS Initiative®, also focuses on capacity building & knowledge sharing and well-being & trauma-informed care. You can get four different types of grants under this program, ACTION grants, core grants, transformative grants, and SPARK! Grants.

About Gilead Sciences, Inc.:

Gilead Sciences, Inc. is a 10-year, more than $100million commitment, and an excellent Gilead HIV resource that helps you to support HIV stigma reduction.

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