Refresh your mood and plan an amazing trip to Taos, New Mexico.

If you come once, there are many beautiful, amazing places to visit in Taos, but before that don’t forget to book a blue adobe vacation rental.

So let’s talk first, about the San Francisco de Assisi Mission Church. It is one of the oldest churches that was built in 1816 and is the only original church that still stands in the area. To maintain its integrity every year Parishioners gathers to re-plaster the church because it is an integral part of the community. Its design reminds you of the ancestors, with its huge buttress and two bell towers at the front. It is designed as the seamless blend of native adobe. Above the entrance to the church is a choir scaffolding, and the vast sanctuary is airy, cool, and welcoming. If you go inside the church, you will see a painting there, the name of which is “The Mystery Painting”, now you will wonder why its name is like this because this painting mysteriously glows in the dark. Nowadays it has been kept in the temperature control room, but you can see its glow by giving a little donation.

If you like skiing a lot, or if you are new to the sport and want to try it, Taos Ski Valley is the most beautiful and most perfect place for it. This place shows the cultural significance for the local community of Taos. Visitors book the best vacation rentals in Taos very early so they get the chance to see this beautiful place or to enjoy the moment. And if you are new then there is nothing to worry about, here you will get trained ski instructors, from whom you can learn to ski.

There you will find numerous ski trails, so choosing it depends on your skill and your practice, so you can choose on the level of challenge you want. But if you don’t want to ski, then you have another better option and that is snow tubing. You can try snow tubing on the mountain.

Once you come here to Taos and see, it will be a lot of fun. There are many places to visit here like William Lake. If you are not one of those people who loves walking down the street and sitting on benches and eating ice cream and watching people come and go, then William Lake is a place for people like you. Those who like hiking, adventure, and exploring nature. If you visit the Taos Ski Valley area, then definitely go to William Lake, which is very close to the ski valley. And the William Lake trail is a must-do activity in a valley area. It is about two miles long and 11,000 feet where the trail ends near the lake. And this is the favorite route of hikers, they enjoy hiking here a lot. The view you get from the top of the mountain is very amazing. One that calms the mind, relaxes, and when you finish your journey on the lake and wet your feet in cold water for a while, it gives you a different pleasure.

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