Regardless of whether you can make a magnificent group in the NBA draft

The third week of MyTeam Limited introduces a new game and a Dark Matter unit that fans can decide which player will be NBA 2K22 MT. For entry into the challenge players will only be able to use Northwest Division players, and up to one Pink Diamond, one Diamond and one Amethyst can be used.

The remaining players are also required to be Ruby-tiered, or lower however NBA 2K22 features some solid Ruby players that could assist in this task and increase the chances of getting the task at hand. Also the Free Agent or Heat Check cards can be played, which is one of the rules for this type of challenge.

The reward for success is the 97-overall Galaxy Opal Kevin Durant, two boost packs and tokens. NBA 2K22 also introduces a new locker code, which is available to players to take advantage of for one week. Entering the code LIMITED-EDITION-4-HG6LP will grant players one Limited Edition 4 Pack, one Diamond Shoe Pack, or five tokens.

With the amount of interest it is, Limited Edition 4 Pack currently is, as well as the six new Dark Matter players hitting the market, it could be smart for players to try their chances with the pack and pray for the best Buy NBA 2K Coins. The packs are currently being sold at a price of as low as 100,000 tokens, and it’s expected to increase over the week.

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