Region Free Player — A Must Have for Foreign Film Buffs!

What’s the best way to enjoy your favorite foreign films at home? If you don’t want to go through the hassle of searching for compatible DVDs, then it’s worth buying yourself a new region free player that can play any DVD!

Why should you invest in a region free player?

If you’ve been collecting DVDs for a long time, you’re most likely familiar with region codes that are embedded into the discs, restricting you from watching certain DVDs from foreign countries. Most US-manufactured discs use Region Code A, while those in Europe are embedded with Region Code B. So how can you bypass these restrictions?

You have two options: Use some kind of software hack your DVD player, or simply buy a region free player. The former is prone to failure due to updates. Plus, there’s the chance that the player itself might lock up after hacking.

It’s much more practical to just buy a region free DVD player. These types of DVD players are modified through hardware, making them easier to use no matter how many times you update your software. And the best thing is, they work with any disc!

Features to look out for in a region free player

Are you planning to live abroad or travel for an extended period? Or do you perhaps enjoy sitting down with some popcorn and a good foreign film? Whatever the case, there’s a region free player for you, and you can take advantage of the following features:

  1. Wireless connectivity

Most region free DVD players have built-in Wi-Fi connectivity so that you can forego long cables! You can even use the internet to browse, stream, and connect to other devices for your convenience!


  1. High-definition video

Nothing feels better than watching your favorite films in full HD. Luckily most region free DVD players come in 1080p resolution, keeping you immersed in the movie with clean lines, rich colors, and amazing detail.

In addition, some players are capable of upscaling video, perfect for DVDs that don’t come in HD resolution.

  1. Worldwide compatibility

The best thing about region free players is that you can use them anywhere in the world! They are compatible with different voltages, allowing you to plug and play regardless of location. Just make sure to prepare the correct plug adapter when you’re traveling.

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