Register or Activate QuickBooks Desktop for Windows/Mac

When QuickBooks Desktop is first installed on any computer system, it needs to be registered and activated. If you employ multiple copies of the QuickBooks Desktop, you must register or activate each one separately. Usually, the QuickBooks Desktop will automatically register or activate, or you can do it manually.

You must follow the instructions contained within this article in order to register your QuickBooks Desktop software version. So, keep read on!


Points to keep in mind while Registering QuickBooks

Make sure to keep the following things in mind before you activate or register your QuickBooks software.

  • Press the “F2” key to access the QuickBooks status screen. Check to see if the copy has been activated after that.
  • If the error notice “The validation code is erroneous” appears during activation, make sure the license and the product number are both right.
  • Verify that your OS has TLS 1.2 enabled and Internet Explorer 11 installed.


QuickBooks Desktop for Windows Computers:

You must activate QuickBooks program after installation in order to use it. A window that prompts to activate QuickBooks will appear on the screen. Additionally, you can manually activate the QuickBooks Desktop by doing the actions listed below:

  • Press the “F2” key when the QB Desktop software is open.
  • A window labeled “Product Information” will appear.
  • Look at the registration status information to the right of the “License number.”
  • Verify whether “Activated” or “Not Activated” is listed under the registration status.
  • If QuickBooks is not activated, then take the following action:
  • To close the “Product Information” window, select the “Ok” tab.
  • Select the “Activate QuickBooks” link under the “Help” menu.
  • To complete the activation process, adhere to the on-screen directions.

QuickBooks Desktop for Mac Computers:

Follow the instructions below to activate or register QuickBooks for Mac computers:

  • Launch the QuickBooks software and hit on the “menu” tab.
  • Afterward, opt for “Register QuickBooks” from the menu.
  • Click the “Next” tab after entering the “License Number” and the “Product Number.”
  • Select “Register Online” from the menu.
  • Completing the registration requires that you adhere to the on-screen instructions.


For QuickBooks Desktop 2016 and Earlier Versions

QuickBooks earlier versions, released prior to the 2016 version, have been discontinued. Versions like this cannot be registered. However, if an older version had already been registered, it may be registered again.

With the help of this post, we hope you may easily register or activate QuickBooks Desktop or a newer version.

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