Registering your BVI Business

Do you own a successful business in your country?

Do you wish to expand your business globally?

Have you already decided which country do you want to register your new company?

If not, then keep reading this article to find out an excellent destination where you can register your company with a straight forward and fast procedure .

Even though there are several countries you can choose from, according to Legal 500 and ICIJ, more than 40% of worldwide offshore companies are registered in BVI.


Because, BVI operates in an open driven economy, it is a favorable tax jurisdiction with an independent strong regulatory framework that is based on English common law, offers flexible corporate structures, has minimal corporate requirements and many more.

Therefore, British Virgin Islands (BVI) can be your next business base?

To register BVI company it is a straight forward process if it is handle by professional corporate and fiduciary providers.

Let us throw some light on the benefits that BVI offers: .

  • To register a company in BVI, only one owner is needed. The same person can be a shareholder and a director simultaneously.
  • There is no need for having a local director. Directors can be of any nationality.
  • The Board of Directors meetings can be held with any mean of communication i.e. teleconference, telephone, and any other mean of communication is convenient. There is no requirement of being physically present at BVI.
  • The official currency of BVI is US Dollars.
  • BVI BC companies that conduct business activities outside the jurisdiction are not obliged to pay capital gain tax, corporate tax, sales taxes, vat, gift tax and inheritance taxes.

BVI offer high level of confidentiality and has minimal corporate requirements i.e. no audit is needed, no accounting records in the BVI are needed, no need to hold an annual general meeting and many more. Even though the BVI company registration is a straight forward procedure you will need to incorporate your BVI company with the assistance of a corporate and fiduciary provider such as GFA Trust. This is because GFA Trust will assist you to select the right structure of your business, thus it will handle all the procedures needed for your business incorporation, bank account opening, due diligence etc.

GFA Trust is one of the leading corporate and fiduciary providers that offers tailor – made services to businesses that wish to operate, expand and register their companies internationally.

The firm has represented successfully clients from across the globe and helped them to register their businesses in several jurisdictions such as Singapore, Bahamas, Cayman, BVI, Cyprus and more. The firm provides innovative and non-conventional solutions to its clients with the help of its associates network that it is spread all over the world. Apart from company incorporation, GFA Trust also offers Fund investments Services in Cyprus, advisory, and tax services.

With GFA Trust, at your side you can start your business expansion from today.

About GFA Trust:

GFA Trust is a corporate and fiduciary consultancy firm that provides excellent international representation to businesses along with other services such as nominee services.

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