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If a person born before 1 January 1983 outside the UK and his/her mother was born in the UK or a former colony that person can acquire British citizenship by registration or obtain “Right of Abode” stamp in your passport. For registration, Good character requirements applies as long as Secretary of state is satisfied that applicant is a person of a good character.Get more information about  Renewing right of abode


Before 1 January 1983 British citizenship could not be passed on through female line. Children born before 1983 can now acquire British citizenship by registration application to the Home Office. British Citizenship may also acquire if one of the grandparent was born in the UK and either was born in a former colony.


Prior to the introduction of the British Nationality Act 1981 on 1 January 1983 it was only possible for British fathers to pass on their citizenship to children born outside the UK. The historic injustice relating to the ability of British mothers to pass on British nationality to their children born overseas was finally corrected in January 2010.


Therefore if you were born outside the UK prior to 1 January 1983 and your mother is/was British then you may be eligible to apply for registration as a British citizen. There are still requirements for you to satisfy such as being of good character.


A similar injustice relating to the transmission of British citizenship concerns the ability of unmarried fathers to be recognized for the purposes of British nationality. Until 1 July 2006 unmarried fathers were not able to pass on British citizenship. While the changes introduced at that point corrected matters for children born after 1 July 2006 the issue of children born to unmarried fathers prior to this date was not addressed until this year. Thanks to the amendments made to the British Nationality Act 1981 you can now make an application to be registered as a British citizen if your father was not married when you were born.


We can advise you on your eligibility to make an application to be registered in one of the categories set out above. We can also help you with obtaining the necessary birth and marriage certificates required to support such an application.


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