As all know the fact that blood testing is necessary as it helps in various important ways, it tracks the overall well-being physically. Regular blood Testing at SRL Diagnostic Centre considers the standard part of the routine with preventive healthcare. To follow a physical examination at every clinic, your doctor will once ask for a blood test to check the complete procedure. To evaluate the various specific conditions blood test helps in many ways. SRL Diagnostic Centre measures the variety of blood components as it also measures the specific enzymes in the body.


The regular blood test always describes to the doctor how and in which way particular organs work in a body. There are some markers of the diseases and along with there are various health conditions for which blood test is the mandatorily part to happen. These are like anemia, diabetes, cancer, etc. To assess the person’s risk for any type of coronary heart disease or any atherosclerotic problems, regular blood test plays a vital role. SRL Lab South Delhi provides the complete blood test routine that is also called complete blood count. This has been performed to completely count the red and white blood cells that which also helps in measuring the hemoglobin levels with the other different components.


SRL Collection Centre also performs the blood test by the common procedure to follow to perform the basic metabolic panel to check the heart liver and kidney function that act properly at the electrolyte and calcium levels. To check the diseases of the heart this also measures the level of fat that exists in your blood like how much amount of good and bad cholesterol is present and which amount of triglycerides are present in the body. To understand the complete procedure of organs, SRL Diagnostic centre offers a wide range of services that can help you in making a good decision and your doctor will also prescribe the medicines as per the results you received through the testing the regular blood test.

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