Regular Fire Sprinkler Inspection Essential for Your Safety

Any structure relies on a fire sprinkler system to keep itself and its occupants protected from fire. The fire protection equipment installed on your building is perhaps the most significant feature that works as the first defense line in case of a fire. In order to keep your building’s sprinkler system working at its best, you need to perform regular fire sprinkler inspection done by professionals. It is even better to keep a record of your last fire sprinkler and fire alarm inspection details for around one year to keep track of your inspections.

Here is the recommended guideline to perform tests and inspections, and what the process entails.

How Often Should I Get Fire Sprinkler Inspection Done?

During inspection, professional experts will visit your place and take a look at your fire alarm and sprinkler system to make sure that they are in optimum working condition. If they find any loophole, they will take prompt action to get it resolved immediately. This is the ideal fire alarm and fire sprinkler inspection schedule you must follow:

Weekly inspection: Inspection of gauges in pre-action, deluge and dry systems

Monthly inspection: Inspection of wet pipe system gauges

Quarterly inspection: Inspection of water flow alarm, valve supervisory alarm, supervisory signal device, hydraulic nameplates and control valves. Chicago backflow testing is also done during this quarterly inspection

Semi-annual inspection: Testing of pressure and vane switch type of devices

Annual inspection: Inspection of pipes, fittings, spare sprinklers, information signage, hanger and seismic bracing. Full tagging and testing of complete fire sprinkler system, including its fire pump, water flow, antifreeze concentration and fire alarm. During annual fire alarm inspection, they will check the panel to locate any trouble or supervisory signals, test all heat and smoke detectors, activate manual pull stations, load test batteries, and activate all the audio and visual components

Inspection every 5 years: Internal inspection of the sprinkler system, including its piping. If your sprinkler system is exposed to harsh environment and high temperature conditions, all gauges should be tested and replaced during this inspection

American Backflow and Fire Prevention is a company that specializes in testing and inspecting your fire sprinkler system. They hire well-trained, properly qualified service professionals only. Their training includes certification, licensure and factory training as well to perform fire sprinkler inspections.

In addition to fire sprinkler and fire alarm inspection, the company also offers a wide range of other related services, including plumbing, backflow testing, fire suppression, sewer blockages, software development, software integration, online tracking, work order management and many others. They offer 24/7 emergency service so that you can call the professionals during any emergent situation. Apart from calling their phone number, you may also call them at your place for regular inspection or testing by filling up an online ‘request service’ form. Whether you have a wet or dry pipe system, deluge system, fire pump, fire hydrant, stand pipe or pre-action system, they offer full service and inspection work for different types of fire sprinkler systems installed in residential as well as commercial buildings.

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