Regular, Meaningful Conversations

We change the oil and rotate the tires on our car to keep it from breaking. We call this preventative maintenance. And research shows that regular, meaningful conversations do the same thing for our teams.

Yet so many managers complain they don’t have enough time to do this.

How much time would they save by avoiding problems by having proactive conversations to correct performance or behaviour and to find out what their team needs to be fully motivated, engaged and productive?

How much happier and more productive would their teams be if they carved out time to have these conversations?

A lot.

One of my clients reported an immediate 10% reduction in rework after implementing monthly 1:1s.

Another reduced employee turnover from 30% to 20% per year.

Still another reported having the easiest union negotiation in his professional career a few months after implementing 1:1s. He felt it was because the employees were being heard. They didn’t feel it was necessary to have to speak through their union reps.

Try it. It’s free! And if you need help with a structure reach out to me.

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