Rehydration Drinks are here to Save Our Teen Athletes from Dehydration

Young athletes across the country anxiously await the warmer weather of spring and summer and the thrilling sports and outdoor activities which accompany the seasons. However, in their excitement and quest for measured improvement, they often neglect proper intake of rehydration drinks.


Though dehydration is often viewed as a potential problem for older adults only, children are just as likely to experience its side effects—particularly following strenuous physical exertion in spring and summer heat. To avoid becoming dehydrated, athletes should always drink sufficient levels of fluids before, during and after a practice, scrimmage or game. Coaches also carry a responsibility to educate players on the importance of hydration and offer adequate time for each teammate to rest and rehydrate away from the sun.

Research by Dr. Susan Yeargin at the University of South Carolina recently found that nearly 75% of young athletes—those aged 8 to 18—show up at post-school practices already experiencing mild to moderate levels of dehydration. Before completing a single lap or running a single drill—before a single bead of sweat has time to develop—these athletes are showing signs of dehydration and it only accelerates with more time spent working out. These findings prove the importance of proper intake of fluids throughout the day and prior to the commencement of extended physical activity. Experts recommend the consumption of 16-20 ounces of fluids before starting exercise to replenish and maintain optimal hydration.

A surprising percentage of today’s kids will not drink plain water because they feel it is “boring” and “tasteless.” Instead, they prefer the variety of exciting flavors found in top electrolyte drinks. These drinks not only replenish lost electrolytes and boosts levels of essential fluids but also stimulate thirst. The elevated sodium content in electrolyte drinks—and great tastes which kids love—cause young athletes to drink more and combat dehydration without reminders from parents or coaches or consciously remembering to do so.

Today, small pocket-size electrolyte packets can be conveniently added to a bottle of water at any time and in any location. Though other brands are on the market, only DripDrop has two to three times the electrolyte content found in other leading sports drinks. DripDrop’s great flavors and taste make it a popular choice for young athletes and the fact that it encourages continual fluid intake means coaches and parents can rest assured, knowing that dehydration will not come into play.

About DripDrop:

DripDrop was invented to save lives under all—even the most challenging—situations. From health clinics in the Third World and world-class athletes to performers on tour and young athletes, now everyone can use oral rehydration solutions to combat dehydration and the dangers it introduces.

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