Reinvent safety for school children with this School Bus Tracking System

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It’s no doubt that working parents and guardians jump hurdles to raise their school-going children. This is a daily battle for such individuals to worry about the safety of their children once they board the bus and wait till they reach home safely. This cycle never ends under regular circumstances. But parents deserve to know where their children are at any given moment during school transit so that they can have a relaxed day rather than stressing over their whereabouts if the bus drivers’ schedule is slightly off.

Is there a way for parents to keep track of their school-going children? A simple and cohesive school bus tracking system is just what you need to attain such a complex goal.

What is the School Bus Tracking System?

The School Bus GPS Tracking Software is an app that allows parents and guardians to track their wards through the drivers’ side of the app in the bus. The app allows parents to track their children’s location as long as they’re on the bus. When they are near their respective stops, the app notifies the parents to be ready to pick them up. The app also notifies the parents of any important information such as a delay in transit, an accident or any other notice.

Features of the app:

  • Entry and Exit alerts

The parents are notified of the boarding and dropping off of students whenever it occurs.

  • Proximity alert

Parents receive notifications whenever their wards are close to their stop, so parents can be ready to pick them up. It is extremely useful for people who need a few minutes to reach their wards’ stop.

  • Real-time tracking

With real-time tracking, parents can monitor their childrens’ transit at any given time. This adds a layer of security for parents.

  • Communication

The communication module connects the driver to the parents, who can answer or message the parents when they are not moving.

  • Live cam

The live cam feature allows parents to monitor their children and adds a safety layer to the school bus.

In conclusion,

The School Bus Tracking Software from Turnkeytown is one of the best solutions on the market. This promotes a sense of trust between parents and the schools of their ward. To know more about this state of the art School Bus Tracking System.

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