Relationships are too precious to be thrown away!

The times are tough. The economy is exacting. Work culture is cruel. And yes, Relationships are really hard! Although many factors contribute towards the weakening of relationships in today’s taxing and toxic environment of the World, it is crucial to understand that they are also the best things in your lives. Although one doesn’t need to try and work things out in a totally abominable relationship, with no room of improvement, or hope for its survival, still, many a times even mendable relationships are tossed aside without trying to put in the required effort to make it work. It’s just like throwing away your car just because the brakes have stopped working properly!! Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

If your car breaks down, you take it to a garage for repairs. You even provide it with regular maintenance like oil change and servicing, just to keep it running properly. If so much time and effort is given to a non – living thing, why not take the time to give similar efforts for living and breathing relationships? It’s never too late and now with the availability of Online Relationship Counselors, it’s not too difficult or “demeaning” as well!

To this end, Wisemind provides one of the best Pre and Post Divorce Counseling, Family Recovery, Co-dependency and Couples Therapy in Palm Beach Garden. The Therapist with a belief in an out – of – the – box Approach, Deborah Beriro, holds a Bachelor in Arts Degree from the American University in Washington, D.C. with a double major in International Studies and Art History. She also carries a Master of Science Degree in Applied Psychology and Mental Health Counseling from Lynn University in Boca Raton FT.

Deborah is also a Nationally Certified Counselor ( NCC ) and is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor ( LMHC ) in the state of Florida.  With extensive trainings in Multiple Psychotherapeutic Modalities, she firmly believes that one size doesn’t fit all, thus adjusting her treatment approach accordingly every single time.

This means that Deborah’s approach towards Relationship Counselling goes far and beyond the general elements of:

  • Focus on the specific problem faced by the clients in their relationship;
  • Active Therapist participation to treat and fix the overall relationship, not just the individuals separately;
  • Change – oriented Solutions being introduced right from the beginning of the treatment;
  • Clear setting up of treatment objectives.

Therefore, before you decide to get rid of your metaphorical car, first try to find out the problem and then to look for a solution. Don’t throw away your fixable relationships before giving them a chance for recovery!


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