Reliable Water Cooler Dealers in South Delhi

Truman is a leading manufacturer of deep freezers in India. Available in Vertical and horizontal types these units are completely customized to meet specific requirements of customers and of course economical in price. These deep freeze units are available for sale in all over India. We are one of the Trustworthy Deep Freezers Dealer in Delhi

If you are looking to buy a deep freezer from New Delhi, India consider our company as your trusted partner, discuss your requirements with our support team and get the product that meet or exceed your expectations.

A popular testing equipment, deep freezers used for storing and preserving medical equipment, food products, medicines and injections and blood samples for a long duration.


Suitable for both industrial and household purposes, different specifications of deep freezers are available in the market. We at Truman, boast to claim ourselves as one of the leading deep freezer manufacturers in Delhi.

Truman Water Cooler the Success of every office, institute and establishment depends on the efficiency of its most valuable assets. These assets are none other than its employees. And to keep them going, they need to be recharged. Truman is the Reliable Water Cooler Dealers in Delhi

Key Features of Truman Water Cooler: –

  • The High Energy Efficient Compressor speeds up the cooling process so that you get cold water faster. It also ensures less power consumption.
  • Pre-coated outer body for better corrosion resistance.
  • This allows them to fit even in cramped spaces.
  • Plastic parts that come in contact with water are of good grade quality, ensuring utmost hygiene. 

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