Reliance Jio Fiber plans: What’s in the fine print

Reliance Jio Fiber plans


Reliance Jio Fiber plans

Long haul Diamond, Platinum and Titanium clients will likewise get a TV, however the make and model of the TV isn’t uncovered by Jio

Reliance Jio’s abundantly anticipated fiber-to-the-home administration was at long last economically propelled on Thursday. It was at that point declared that its arrangements would be accessible somewhere in the range of ₹700 and ₹10,000, yet now we realize that they are spread crosswise over six levels that Jio has named after valuable substances—Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum and Titanium. Here’s the way they go:


Price: ₹699

Speed: Up to 100Mbps

Data cap: 100GB


Price: ₹849

Speed: Up to 100Mbps

Data cap: 200GB


Price: ₹1,299

Speed: Up to 250Mbps

Data cap: 500GB


Price: ₹2,499

Speed: Up to 500Mbps

Data cap: 1,250GB


Price: ₹3,999

Speed: 1Gbps

Data cap: 2,500GB


Price: ₹8,499

Speed: 1Gbps

Data cap: 5,000GB

It ought to be noticed that the administration accompanies some fine print that you ought to know about.

For example, the costs referenced above are select of GST and additional information is accessible on long haul designs as a basic advantage. Intrigued purchasers should make a one-time installment of ₹2,500 which involves ₹1,500 security store and ₹1,000 non-refundable establishment.

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