Relocating to Avoid Increasing Crime Rates


With crime on the increase in many places around the country, homes for sale in South Hall County have become of interest to those people wanting to escape their current crime ridden environment to one which is more law abiding. For several years now the crime rate in South Hall County, unlike many other places around the country, has experienced a continuous drop in its annual crime rate since 2000 but many that now look for homes for sale in South Hall County wished they had done so before as they have so much more to offer than just a lower crime rate.

Located in the northern central section of Georgia State, South Hall County is nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains which due to their bluish tinge when viewed from a distance have become more commonly known as the Blue Ridge Mountains. The close vicinity to the mountains of Hall County has earned its county seat Gainesville the nickname “Queen City of the Mountains”.

Although the available homes for sale in South Hall County,GA have various locations within the county, all have easy access to Gainesville which in turn affords easy access to the rest of the State and country from its Amtrak station and Interstate 985 plus other interstate roads like Routes 23 and 129. This allows residents in South Hall County to enjoy the best of two worlds with a quiet and comfortable home to retreat to whilst also being able to be connected to a wider range of activities associated with the hustles and bustles of the rest of the country.

Created inDecember 15, 1818 on lands ceded from the Cherokee in accordance with the Treaty of Cherokee Agency and Treaty of Washington in 1817 1nd 1819 respectively, South Hall County covers an area of land which measures 393 square miles and an area of water which measures 37 square miles covering a total of 429 square miles in all. The eastern half of the county forms part of the Upper Oconee River which itself is a sub-basin of the larger Altamaha River basin whilst the western half forms part of the Upper Chattahoochee River basin, part of the larger Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River Basin. This means that all the homes for sale in South Hall County are reasonably close to vibrant water courses and the recreational activities they afford.

Although all the homes for sale in South Hall County may have differing locations within the county and be of a differing price range, all of them offer the lower crime rate which the county enjoys, the semi-rural tranquility and also the ease of access to a busier world with all the amenities and attractions which that may hold. The homes for sale in South Hall County therefore truly do offer the best of two worlds.

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