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Do you have trouble by this case an undesirable program or an application on PC, for example, can’t be removed or uninstalled completely? Provided that this is true, you are in the perfect place. This article is helping you completely How to remove Norton Antivirus Software within seconds.

Why Uninstalled Norton

It’s notable that Norton has Microsoft system source code. It is the most effective antivirus programming which has the most effective interface with windows system and highest stability. However, it’s additionally trouble to uninstall or uninstall fully. However reason is, by following 3 steps you’ll need Norton Antivirus completely uninstalled from your PC.

Completely Uninstall Norton with Two ways.

First, look this files which are the files of multiple versions of Norton Antivirus software installed in system folder:




















Also, you should distinguish the one that is in your PC. At that point, you ought to go to the start up list, tap the “Run” symbol, type in “regedit” to open the Registry Editor to discover it out and remove it. Now after remove the file, go back to the registry rundown and discover the accompanying record and erase it__

C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataSymantec

Last, open the registry list, Discover the following three records one by one, and erase both of them which are noted.

C:Program FilesSymantec (don’t delete it)

X:Program Files Norton# (delete it, X represents the disk where you install the program)

C:Program FilesCommon Files Symantec Shared (delete it)

(Note: You can forcibly uninstall the program instead of remove it by hand.)

Second, OEif Norton cannot be uninstalled by the way specified previously. Another technique is additionally on the available. That is stopping the running of Symantec Core LC benefit. and every one you wish to try and do now’s to follow the steps below to open and stop the Symantec Core LC benefit: tap the start up list; at that point, type in “service.msc” and pick the “alright” choice to stop it. At that point, return to the registry list (type in “regidit” in “Run” discourse box) to discover whether there are the two records and erase them__


If they do exist, delete them.

Last, it would be conceivable that the erasing of Norton would have modified the setting of Winsock.  Provided that this is true, the web internet of the computer are disabled when the removing of Norton Antivirus software. In this way, you should recollect your IP address and sort in the “Run” choice with these orders: netsh winsock reset-netsh netsh firewall reset.

Now, This two steps you can easily completely uninstall Norton Antivirus Software in your Computer?

On the whole, at least by two steps above can you manually uninstall Norton Antivirus completely?

Clearly, it isn’t so easy and time wasting to uninstall the Norton by the courses said above. If you are searching for easier and more effective ways to deal with it, Please chick on the {} to discover your solution. Or you can simply dial our Norton Technical Support Number Australia 1-800-431-255 toll free and talk with our Norton team.

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