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Our home is worth investing in. It is, for most, the single largest asset in your possession, or perhaps the most adored things that you own. So, it’s worth investing in!Rendering your house not only beautifies your home but is also one of the best return on investments during any home renovation. As Brisbane house rendering experts, your project is safe in our hands, is it time to give your drab brick walls a new transformed look?


Pick it right!


Choose from the cluster of home rendering options we offer. You can go for the traditional painted sponged finish cement rendering walls, or you may opt-in the tinted acrylic render systems. Also known as solid plastering, ascreeded coat of cement renderto your existing brick walls transforms the entire look of your house. Whether it is a consideration for a new build, or you want to give your dated-looking house a makeover its begging for – we would love to assist.


How we work


It can be a question to every client till we start working together, as renderingthe walls is not a work of an hour or two. But we have already set our work ethics with our clients as the primary concerns. Thus, during quotation, we first like to find out your holistic renovation goals and expectations. This step is the most important to accentuate what you, our clients, exactly single out us to do and how we can best adapt to your overall project budget and timeline. Then a plan is to carry out your specifically tailored choice. How long does house rendering take? Of course, that all depends on the size of the home. A typical single-story house takes only 2-3 days to render, while a larger double story house may take about 1 week.


From the outset of any of our Brisbane home rendering projects, work commences with a technique that prepares the surface to ensure adequate adhesion to the subsequent render coats.At quote stage and throughout the job, our tradesmen will keep a check and make sure that the area to be rendered is free from any loose paint, excess dust, or grease. Any previous growth of fungus, algae, or moss needs to be removed thoroughly by vigorous cleaning. We have you covered!


House rendering – All in your budget


Unexpected costs during renovation is never nice, and here at Project Rendering, we pride ourselves on fixed price, transparent quotes, so there are no nasty surprises. There are a number of options to meet most budgets, whether that be for rendering/painting to the entire house – or a facelift to the front façade only. We are here to assist. Our intention is to assist you by accommodating a suitable level of finish to meet your renovation budget.


Acrylic rendering


One of our options is to complete a coloured finish using acrylic render. Whilst not as popular for Brisbane house rendering compared to southern states, there are many great reasons to use acrylic texture in lieu of paint, or as well as paint! The main benefit is its added flexibility should your existing brick work have excessive cracking through the bricks or mortar. Acrylic render, being as much as 20 x thicker than a single paint coat, provides superior flexibility to give you the best guard against the potential re occurrence of hair line cracks due to substrate movement.


If you are considering house rendering, or you would just like some advice. We would love to help! We pride ourselves on not just the finish product we leave, but also our service and compliance. We are fully insured and licensed,and ensure that all render systems provided are to manufacturer specification and procedures. This ensures not only the best finish, but also gives you as the home owner, peace of mind that the rendering on your house is warranted, and there to stay!


Committed to the rendering services in Brisbane, our competent task force posses extensive experience both around Australia, and Europe, as well as a thorough and proven understanding of the local residential market in Brisbane


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Transform your house like never before!

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