Renomate – DIY Home Remodel

We make it easy for you to follow step by step instructions for DIY projects, find a list of materials, follow a budget tracker and explore nearby suppliers to get the tools needed to get home remodelling projects done. Diy Home Renovation App AU

Share and enjoy your projects right here and watch others renovate with you.

Learn how to improve your home with your own hands!


– Explore and make DIY renovation and decor craft projects in the chosen area of your home.

– Enjoy browsing between different areas and categories.

– A step-by-step guide of each project equips you with all tips and techniques needed to create your desirable DIY job. House Renovation App AU

– Each project has a checklist for all the tools and materials you need so you won’t miss a thing.

– Use our estimation budget tool to know how much the project will cost you.

– Explore suppliers and find top picks for all you need.

– Join our amazing community of DIY influencers from across Australia and worldwide.

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