Renovating Your House? Consider These Electrical Upgrades


So you are planning to renovate your house, and you are excited. When done right, home renovation could be a rewarding project, especially if you plan to sell your house. While there are several decisions you’ll have to make when renovating your house, electrical upgrades are one of them. How old is your building? Can your electrical system handle the load of modern electrical appliances at your house? Do you have receptacle outlets overburdened by multi-plug strips? If so, rewiring and electrical upgrade could be a viable option. By upgrading your electrical system, you could ensure that your current and future needs are covered.

Work with your electrician Epping when planning your home renovation to include the electrical work your home needs. Here are some electrical upgrades you might be interested in:-

Panel Upgrades

Modern electrical fixtures and appliances require efficient and powerful panels than before. Even though manufacturers boast about energy-efficient products, electrical appliances use more energy. This is due to the bigger and more features of washing machines, refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, gadgets, and media-driven electronics. Overall, an average household consumes about 30% to 50% more energy than before. When remodelling your house, consider the appliances you are using and upgrade the panels accordingly. An electrician Cherrybrook can help determine whether or not you need a panel upgrade.

Rewiring and Rerouting

When you are remodelling your house, you are likely to expand an individual room and change things. For example, you might change your traditional kitchen into a modern kitchen with the latest electrical appliances. Whatever aesthetic changes you are planning to bring in for your new kitchen to be great and work efficiently, you’ll need a powerful electrical system that is able to accommodate these changes.

Smart Home Features

Ever since the voice assistants were launched, it has revolutionised the way we live. When renovating your house, you might want to consider adding some smart features to make your life hassle-free. Technology has advanced so much that where everything in your house could be automated and operated with just a touch or push of a button. There are several smart home features, including remote-controlled blinds, drapes, skylight, smoke alarms, and refrigerators that can remind you when you run out of milk and groceries. But, all these need a complete rewiring which could be performed by a licensed electrician only.

More Outlets

It is a popular way to include a charging station in an all-in-one place to power the electronics. When renovating your house, ensure that your house have enough outlets to power your electronics.

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