Rental 1500 KVA Generator Specifications

The 1500 KVA generator is the most preferred generator for power backup for very large industries. If you are planning to rent 1500 KVA generator for your work then this blog of mine will definitely be beneficial for you. Through this blog, we are making you aware of some Rental 1500 kVA generator specifications, which will prove helpful when you take a generator rent. We all depend on electricity, without electricity, we cannot use our electronic equipment. Power backup is a big and a matter of concern in many industries from home to large industries.


A backup generator is required when there is a problem in the power grid and power is lost. And when it takes emergency crew hours or days to recover electric current. Many times it happens that many people hire generators. Power generators are also commonly used at temporary construction sites.


This is a major inconvenience for the members of the household if the power goes out. For most businesses, whether it is a small commercial operation or a large industrial facility, there is a need for continuous power supply.

It is very important to have a generator in such a situation. You can get a generator according to your requirements and according to your needs. If you find a power generator, you can get a generator on rent instead of spending money on a new generator. A rental generator is very beneficial in many situations.


Demand for generators continues to increase day by day. Millions of generator dealers are sitting around the country to assist you. With the online generator delivery service, you can easily search for a generator rental near me and find the generator without any delay.

Some Important Basic Features for Rental Generator

  • Compact and latest technology microprocessor-based fully configurable control Units
  • Graphic design display
  • The unique integrated DG set controller
  • Included both engine and alternator parameter in one console
  • The fully configurable digital output result
  • All parameters are settable and password protected
  • AMF Ready
  • Remote start

Display Graph Characteristics on Your Generator

  • Engine Oil pressure
  • Cooling  temperature
  • Battery voltage
  • Generator Engine RPM
  • Running Hours
  • Generator Volts-Phase-Neutral & Phase-Phase
  • Generator Current (Amps)
  • Power factor
  • KW

Warning Alert Available on Your Rental Generator

  • Low Oil pressure
  • High Coolant temperature
  • Low Battery Voltage
  • Low Fuel Level


When you search for the best generator on rent, surely you want a super silent generator for your needs. Super silent generators run at noise levels ranging from 50 to 65 dB. Understand correctly how much silence there is to drive it to the location you have chosen. Some silent generators are as quiet as the sound of a working refrigerator.

Rental generators give the precise kind of help you need. That can be ideal for your business that is requiring a huge request for the electricity they should satisfy. 


The backup generator is important part of our life. In the event of an electricity outage, living without a generator has become impossible. If you want Genset on rent in Noida and any other city, so you can visit our EO Energy site and also use our support phone number. 

Rental generators are the best option for urgent generator requirements and available at best prices. When you get a generator on rent, you use continuous, inexpensive electricity, low cost, and low stress. They provide you best Genset on rent with excellent services. 

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