Repairing QuickBooks Company File


Are you facing issues while opening or editing your QuickBooks company files? If yes, then this article will be of tremendous help to you as it will unravel all the viable means to repair the QuickBooks Company file. The company file contains all your crucial financial data. Any damage to it can be detrimental to your company’s growth. However, at times, users meet a dead stop wherein they are unable to access their company file data. Under such circumstances, it is advisable to repair the company files. If you need live assistance while performing the troubleshooting guidelines contained in this article, you can call us right away at +1-800-761-1787.


What is a Company File in QuickBooks?

In a nutshell, the QuickBooks Company file contains all the financial records pertaining to your business. When a business owner uses QuickBooks for the first time, the first thing they have to do is to make a company file. One of the things that could go wrong with this company file is that it could get damaged or corrupted due to reasons un known to the user. This could happen due to corruption or the use of third-party software.


Is my company file corrupted? How to know?

Users may face the following symptoms that give them a clear sign of a company file-related issue.

  • When an audit finds an error on the balance sheet;
  • Some mistake made by a person causes the QuickBooks software to shut down without warning;
  • The transaction list may be missing;
  • When an invoice or bill that hasn’t been paid shows up as paid on the balance sheet;
  • The transaction history shows a negative balance.
  • You are unable to open or edit your company file.


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What causes Company file issues in QuickBooks?

The major company file issues include:

  • If the RAM can’t fix the problem on its own or if it runs out of memory.
  • Malware attacks or users who aren’t supposed to be there and could delete the database.
  • Problems with the internet, cable, and hard drive
  • Shutting down the computer in the wrong way, like turning off the main switch right away. This could cause the data to be wrong.


Procedure to Repair QuickBooks Company File

There are two ways to repair Company files in QuickBooks: Conform to the manual procedure or use tools and utilities to repair the files. To know more, follow the information given below:

Procedure 1: Manual method to fix QuickBooks company file

  • In QuickBooks-Pro Accountant Advisor, you are first required to check your data. First, open the data files and then log in as the administrator. The next step is for the user to choose a single-user mode.
  • After that, click File, then Utilities, and then Verify Data.
  • In some situations, the above procedure could take a while. But if the process is taking too long, the user can move on to the next steps.
  • The user must get the data file from the server and make a copy of it on their own computer.
  • Now, the user must only turn on temporary hosting on the computer if they need to, and then they can open the File with an admin login later.
  • To move forward, choose File, then Utilities, and finally, Rebuild Data.
  • The last steps are to copy the File, open it, and then sign in as an administrator.


Procedure 2: Using tools to repair QuickBooks Company file

You can also take the aid of various tools and utilities that are either available on the official website of Intuit or come along with QuickBooks.

1. Double-click the Reboot.bat File

The QuickBooks batch file, namely Reboot.bat, can be used for the re-registration of QuickBooks components. Using this can help in warding off a wide range of errors in QuickBooks. The File is available in the QuickBooks folder.


2. Use the QuickBooks Component Repair tool

This tool can be used to fix errors in the QuickBooks components and can also fix Company file-related errors.


3. Employing the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

This tool specifically relates to repairing the Microsoft components, which are, in fact, essential for seamless QuickBooks functioning. The tool can be used through the QuickBooks Tool Hub, which is downloadable from the official website of Intuit.


4. Using the QuickBooks File Doctor

Another noteworthy tool in the QuickBooks Tool Hub is the QuickBooks File Doctor. This tool can help in the resolution of various company file-related issues. This also requires the setting up of the QuickBooks Tool Hub.


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The various tools and procedures listed in this article to repair QuickBooks Company File should be enough for you. If you are still unable to fix the issues in your company file, then you should give us a call at the helpline +1-800-761-1787.

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