Repairs for Mobility Scooters and Power Wheelchairs

The issue with having a motorized wheelchair or scooter is that it can be tough to diagnose minor problems that do not necessitate a professional, but rather an awareness of how to use the electrical features effectively. Most power wheelchairs, for example, include a joystick locking mechanism that, if accidentally triggered, renders your joystick worthless. Unlocking your joystick is as easy as reading the user manual, which generally consists of pressing a few buttons in a row.

The locking joystick function is a built-in feature that allows the user to deactivate the joystick so that if it is accidentally touched, your electric wheelchair will not move. It is useful if you are eating or drinking something that you don’t want to spill while reaching for your arm bag or cup holder, which might easily result in an inadvertent joystick movement.

Detecting Beep Codes

This should go without saying, but when it comes to any product you possess, always read the user manual completely. If you don’t, you may find yourself wondering why your scooter is emitting strange beeps, which are codes indicating that something is wrong with your scooter or power wheelchair.

If you’re encountering weird beeping patterns that disable your electric wheelchair or scooter fully or partially, the first thing you should do is consult your user handbook for a beep code chart.

Unlocked Free-Wheel Lever

Most power wheelchairs or scooters include a free-wheel lever that allows the user to separate from the electrical braking system manually. This is a useful function for situations where the batteries run out of power or for users who want to maneuver the mobility scooter manually. If your electric wheelchair or scooter includes a free-wheel lever, it must be locked for the scooter to function. Simply locate the free-wheel lever on the backside of your scooter and adjust it until your wheels are locked or unlocked. If your free-wheel lever is unlocked, you will be unable to move your scooter or wheelchair using the engine.

Locked Joystick Problems

When you mistakenly conduct a sequential code, such as pressing the power button twice, joysticks might get locked. When you follow a sequential button sequence, such as striking the power button twice or keeping the power button down for a few seconds, some power wheelchair models will activate the “locked joystick” feature, thus reading your user manual is essential. Otherwise, you can end up calling a technician and paying a large price for something that might have been easily rectified for free by just reading the user manual for your product.


If you still feel helpless and unable to repair the problem with your mobility scooter on your own, the best choice is to go to a manufacturer’s website and look for a trained technician. Most manufacturer websites have a service provider directory where you can input your zip code to find a qualified technician to service your product. When looking for a power wheelchair or mobility scooter repair expert, this is the first step you should do. If your current device could not be repaired, you can look for the latest medical scooters for sale, electric wheelchairs for sale, or folding power wheelchair in Canada on the internet.


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