Replace Your Missing Teeth with Dental Implants


Many people are unaware of the significant consequences missing teeth can have on their lives. People lose teeth in non-natural ways such as being knocked out by a strong blow, tooth decay, and diseases that damage the integrity of their gums. Teeth loss happens naturally as a result of ageing and poor genetics. Here are four things that happen if you don’t replace missing teeth with dental implants in Sydney.

Teeth shifting

Your teeth were created to hold and protect one another. When one goes missing, the others move over time to fill the void. As teeth move to change inside your mouth, they can appear crooked. Straight teeth leaning inwards to fill a gap may cause more uneven gaps, giving the appearance of buck teeth or gnarled teeth.

Uneven tooth growth

Opposing teeth also help to keep each other’s growth under control. Without an opposing tooth to keep it in check, the unopposed tooth will grow longer than it should. This causes tooth development to be irregular. Patients with missing teeth also have elongated teeth, which are attempting to fill holes where opposing teeth should be. This can make chewing difficult, or, even worse, make it difficult to close your mouth properly. By undergoing cheap dental implants in Sydney, you can avoid this dental issue.

Mouth alignment issue

A misaligned mouth may be caused by deformed and imperfect teeth. Your mouth appears misaligned because your teeth have moved to adapt or have grown longer than they should have. The way you chew may changes. Your jaw muscles are also attempting to compensate for the transition. Your face will become lopsided as a result of this compensation over time. Since your mouth’s normal motions have shifted, you’re more likely to develop speech impediments. At this stage, you may experience headaches, advanced tooth decay, and weakened teeth.

Loss of jawbone

Last but not least, one of the most frightening consequences of missing teeth is the loss of jawbone mass. A missing tooth can cause the jawbone’s mass to diminish year after year, resulting in a weakened jaw. As bone density is diminished, the bone collapses in on itself, taking the muscles and tissues attached to it with it.

Since your face’s muscles and tissues are attached to strategic points on your bone structure, this can dramatically alter your entire facial structure. As bone density is diminished, the bone collapses in on itself, taking the muscles and tissues attached to it with it. Although this is a gradual process, it does have an impact on your overall appearance over time. To avoid jawbone loss, you can opt for dental implants treatment. The dental implants cost in Sydney are affordable and it can help you avoid all the dental issues mentioned above.

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