Replacement of a Scooter Charger

Few things in life are as baffling as a damaged or lost scooter charger when your batteries are low. The electric scooter charger is more than just LML scooter spare parts. It is an important part of the machine, as important as the gas pump is to the automobile driver.

Please keep in mind that though this article is written basically about the electric scooter battery charger unit used on small recreational scooters, much of the information provided here is applicable to several electric mobility scooter models also. The popular gas-powered scooters like the Vespa types use standard light-duty automotive or standard motorcycle chargers with alligator clip connectors.


Every new scooter comes with an owner’s manual, and the recommendations of the manufacturer should be followed. If the manual is not available, the next step should be an online search. Many manufacturers’ websites have model specifications and other information that can be downloaded as PDF documents. If an online search doesn’t work, there is still another technique that will offer an idea about what battery charger works best for their scooter. The three basic criteria are amperage, voltage, and connector type.


Possibly the most important yet baffling aspect of deciding which electric scooter battery charger is rectifying for your scooter is the multiplicity of the charger to scooter connector types. Sadly, there has never been a single industry-wide standard to regulate the electrical connectors on the scooter chargers. Until this state of affairs changes, there are eight types of common use.

Voltage Output

Just like a general household flashlight, electric scooter batteries work being wired together, all the cells discharging their energy together and adding to the complete sum of voltage. With the exception of a few models, almost all the scooters utilize a 24 or 36-volt electrical system. If the right voltage can’t be read from the side of the electric motor’s housing, they just count the batteries. Two 12 volt batteries equal a 24-volt system and three batteries signify 36 volts etc.

Amp Output

The amperage output of an electric scooter battery charger decides how fast the charging unit does the job. The bigger or more the amperage unit, the faster is the recharge cycle. Nonetheless, the increase in amps also enhances the size and cost of the charger. Moreover, a charger that is very hot for a low amp battery brings the hazard of damaging, overheating, or even destroying the battery. On the other hand, a low amp charger will appearing to take forever to charge a high amp battery.

Power chairs and mobility scooters

Many models of mobility scooters and power chairs utilize a factory-installed, onboard electric scooter battery charger designed particularly for that mobility device. Please check the owner’s manual before installing any charger or buying Vespa spare parts online India.

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