Replacing Your Business or Property’s Fluorescent Tubes with LEDs

When fluorescent tube lighting was introduced it represented a series of significant technological advantages over the incandescent lights of the time. In fact, they must have seemed like a virtually perfect solution. When the fluorescent tube light was developed in the mid-1930s, despite representing a significant scientific innovation in providing light by an entirely different mechanism than incandescent bulbs, they were less expensive than the incandescents. On top of which, they were more energy-efficient, boasted a far longer lifespan, and stayed far cooler than incandescent lamps and bulbs, decreasing fire risk.

A similar sort of fundamental shift in lighting technology has taken place recently with the rise in LED lighting. As great as fluorescents were in the early and mid-20th century, there were a number of drawbacks. Fluorescents could take a while to “warm up,” tended to flicker distractingly, and shattered easily, an issue made more troubling due to their mercury content.

LED lighting, on the other hand, doesn’t require warming up, it doesn’t flicker, and contains no mercury. It’s also considerably more efficient than fluorescents, and they last far longer. Fluorescents were great for their time, but according to virtually all metrics, LEDs are the superior lighting source. And they’re being increasingly employed for a lot more than LED garage lights and other domestic applications, including wholesale commercial lighting overhauls.

How to Switch Fluorescent Tubes Out with LEDs

Preparing for the Switch

Before a comprehensive transition to LED lighting is made, it’s always a good idea to do some research on the approach you plan to take. There are several different options for LED transitions requiring a variable investment of time, labor, and resources. Determine what kind of tubular (T) lighting your fluorescents are. The most common are T12 (with a magnetic ballast) and T8 (electronic ballast). Before any tube replacement is actually undertaken, take every precaution. Shut off the power at the breaker and if any electrical work more involved than switching out the tubes is necessary, bring in an electrician.

LED Troffer Panels

These probably require the most work up front but establish tens of thousands of hours of maintenance-free LED lighting without having to worry about altering the ballast or individual tube replacement. LED troffer panel ceiling lights can simply replace the entire fluorescent light troffer fixture, providing clean, bright LED light. LED troffer panel installation will definitely require an electrician.

Retrofit Tubes

While relatively simple overall, replacing fluorescent tubes with retrofit tubes can be a bit more involved. Replacing fluorescent tubes with retrofit LED tubes often requires some rewiring work. Specifically, it involves a direct wire ballast bypass, which wires the mains directly to the source of voltage. The use of an electrician for installing retrofit tubes is also highly recommended.

Ballast-Compatible Tubes

Ballast-compatible tubes are just what they sound like. They are tubes that replace the old fluorescents directly without necessitating any replacement of fixtures or rewiring of ballasts. While that certainly qualifies them as among the quickest and easiest to install, the convenience of ballast-compatible tubes can mean they cost a little more up front. For many business owners and managers, however, the money saved on power bills, bulb replacement, labor, and maintenance makes them—or any other LED lighting option—well worth it. It’s something worth considering the next time you’re thinking about upgrading your security lighting with a highly efficient LED security light strategy.

About Hyperikon

Back in 2010, two brothers were going to local businesses to share their passion. That passion? The production of the most efficient, easy-to-install LED lights, giving businesses and consumers consistent access to them, and doing so with impeccable service. The approach has paid off, and in 2014, U.S.-based Hyperikon launched the brand on the Amazon marketplace, featuring over 250 LED products—including their commercial-grade, high-efficiency LED recessed lighting—to nearly 3 million customers. Even in light of that success, the company’s fundamental passion for the best, most innovative LED lighting solutions supported by unparalleled customer service, remains. Hyperikon holds a number of U.S. patents and has earned more than 700 certifications and qualifications.

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