Resealable Sealing Tape Benefits And Applications

Bag resealable sealing tapes are double-sided epoxy resin sealing tapes suitable for LDPE, HDPE, or OPP bags. However, the Permanent bag sealing tapes, which are appropriate for non-reusable plastic bags, it have robust adhesive, and thus ripping off the tape will cause damage to the bag (security purposes). Resealable is aimed at reclosing and reopening bags numerous times. It is extensively used in DHL, TNT courier bags.

Resealable sealing tape is a kind of tape that is helpful for multiple uses. It typically has PE material tape for sealing OPP plastic bags. And OPP substantial tape for sealing PE plastic bag. The tape is created on emulsion-based paste and acrylic adhesive, allowing PE material bag seals easily and effectively once your product is put or added into the bag and several times seal-open (resealable) presentation is reliable. In addition, this category of sealing tape is accessible in an extensive range of breadths and lengths for involuntary or manual application.

Let’s look at some of the aids and applications of this tape.

The six benefits of using tape seal

These tapes are highly beneficial and make your work easier to manage. Let’s look at how.

1. Longer Freshness And Quality

You like to reserve fresh products for a lengthy period, safe in a package with good fence goods and exceptional resealability. Resealable packaging will so it is unlocked and closed more often.

2. Easy To Open Packaging

Appropriateness is what it’s all about. It has a finger lift and an adhesive-free helping of the tape to make opening the carton faster and more remarkable for the client to encourage re-use.

3. Tape With The Power To Communicate

You can use the resealable tape to contrary your message and increase extra attention by printing on the finger lift,  tape, liner, or packaging.

4. 100% Food-Safe Production

It is a Foodsafetapes and has an ISO-22000/HACCP-certified environment. Procedures such as strict pest prevention, hygiene control, cleaning, personnel entry checks, and process control stop any possible contamination by broken glass, chemicals, etc., during the production process.

5. Environmentally Friendly And Less Food Waste.

Resealable Tapes are environmentally friendly tapes. They can range the time a factory-made goods stays fresh and, so, discarded less food. Furthermore, a tape seal comprises less packaging material than other categories of resealable features. The tapes are solvent-free and can be brought with a naturally friendly PVC-free transporter.


6. Flawless Machinability

These tapes rapidly add value to your wrapping inline. It confirms that the construction speed and competence of your industrial line are safe. A tape applicator needs a low strength, can easily be added to your current wrapping line, and requires almost no upkeep.


Some of the applications of using these tapes are suitable for BOPP/HDPE plastic bag sealing. Like garment bags, gift bags, hosiery bags, socks bags, T-Shirt bags, Stationery bags, Toys bags, Notebook bags, Combs bags, magazine bags, etc.

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