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Restaurant Wi- Fi Management System

Nearly 77 percent of adults in India own a Smartphone these days. And as a modern business owner one of the best and easiest ways to attract this smartphone-carrying crowd is by providing them to complimentary Wi-Fi internet at your restaurant.


It’s proven now that offering complimentary Wi-Fi access for guests can open new doors for food serving industries. For a cafe or restaurant, customers are more likely to stay longer, purchase more items, and come back knowing they can use a complimentary Wi-Fi connection during their stay.


Although most of the mobile carriers in India proving 4G network in developed cities, but customers usually struggle to get a decent indoor network coverage and a decent 4G speed. And there your complimentary WiFi can be a game changer in attracting those customers who want to hangout where they can relax as well as stay connected with the world without any network disturbance. And the best part is Wi-Fi can be offered where 4G access isn’t available like for laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices that aren’t 4G supported.


And the best way to provide Wi-Fi access in your restaurant securely is by providing it through Nanovise Restaurant Wi-Fi Management System.


It is cloud base AI enabled Wi-Fi system which is also a perfect marketing platform for restaurants. Restaurants can display their special offers and links on their WiFi login page which provide them a extra benefits to boost up their revenue.


Installing Nanovise Restaurant Wi-Fi Management System is very simple and doesn’t requir any technical knowledge, as Nanovise provides you a pre-configured management master router and you just need to connect it with your broadband. That’s it. Within few seconds the WiFi management network is online. Along with the management master router Nanovise will provide you an admin panel where you can do a lot of magic, like you can set a speed, time, data limit to your users. You can even display your digital menu to your customers. If you want to connect with your customers, you can redirect them to your Facebook fan page where you can collect their feedback, likes, comments.


And the best part is you can even promote other local and national vendors on your login page and generate huge revenue from it. This management system acts as a automated CRM for you and thanks to this you can collect valuable customer information like their name, number, email address which you can use it for marketing purpose.


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