Retirement community design

New lifestyle for urbanists is about unique beings living together in vertical clusters. A composition of lives with own charismas, uniqueness, and purposes, co exist together, like pixels of colours forming a beautiful work of art, painted by living souls. The project targets urbanists who have high individuality who live their lives with meanings, with colours, with contrasts, put together, and stretched into lines of collages to represent lives between the line. Senior Living Design

“Living Between The Line”

Inspire by Ian Davenport’s painting, this vibrant set of the line has fused together to create an aesthetically pleasing painting with various movements. Each individual colour expresses unique characters at close observation. At a distance, many unique distinctive colours combine, (but not mixed) to become a single united piece of art. That says it all about how this generation is living their lives.


The key words Elegance and Timelessness inspire the architect to use the impression of white Marble, the classic stone that has been well known around the World as a timeless symbol of luxury in architecture and design. To apply such a concept for the architecture of this modern time, Simplicity becomes inevitable. The overall massing concept starts with local building guidelines. The result is a simple, stepping, block of marble, with multiple terrains, overlooking skyline sceneries at different levels. After that, marble carving, sculpting process begins. Retirement community design

The concept of Tropical High Rise is then applied to the design. The first tropical feature is unique horizontal shading fins. They help to reduce glare and shield large windows from rain. The gradient of fins thickness creates a dynamic touch to the overall composition and refreshing touch to the skyline.

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