Retractable dock shelter

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Dock shelters seal the gap between the warehouse and the container in such a way that materials and personnel are protected from dust, moisture, and outside temperature conditions when the sectional overhead door is opened.

Separating the warehouse environment from outside is not only useful for human working conditions, but also prevents dust and heat penetration, resulting in energy saving, ecological safety, protection of fragile goods and improved work efficiency. is. Gandhi Automation also offers dock shelters available for all types of use and condition from outdoor cold conditions or those cooled by outdoor heat and also from shower, wind, snow and dirt.

Retractable dock shelter

  • Retractable PVC Front Panel Dock Shelter is the most popular and used
  • Accessible for dock level fittings, or for ground-level fixing for dock door guards
  • The front panels are made of high-resistance black PVC, protected by double interlacing of polyester that acts like a spring to cover vehicles of various shapes.

Cushion Dock Shelter

  • Thanks to its high insulation factor, the Cushion Dock Shelter is a delightful solution for controlled temperatures.
  • The two vertical cushions feature nonstop overlay anti-friction limpets that allow for asymmetrical resistance above and below the vehicle on its suspension during loading.
  • It is obtainable with a fixed or adaptable horizontal top pillow, variable for different vehicle heights.

Inflatable Dock Shelter

  • Inflatable shelters are elastomeric tubes that are calculated to round out with observation of a medium (usually air) to form a close fitting barrier between a mounting and striking surface.
  • Inflatable shelters provide the most versatile seals to serve a wide variety of truck and trailer configurations.
  • Unlike other types of dock shelters, the truck does not move towards the shelter.
  • In its place, the shelter is provided with a complete seam around the docked vehicle.

These retractable dock shelters are very flexible and accommodate the height and width of the vehicle. They provide a very effective weather shield of protection preventing from harsh atmospheric changes.

The retractable dock shelter is best where huge trucks and trailers has to pass-by and requires large doors This dock shelters retreat on impact from off-center trucks without sustaining damage. Retractable dock shelters are made with bent roofs and are especially constructed to withstand heavy loads being safe and secure at the same time. The structure being retractable is made in such a way that in case of any sort of wrong maneuvering, the door can retract back to its actual position.

The objective is to provide an ideal seal during loading and unloading to achieve considerable energy savings and consequent safety of goods.

Dock shelters are incredibly effective products that form an important part of any loading bay. They provide a safe dock environment and unrestricted access to the trailer. These Dock shelters help you keep from harsh environmental elements providing full safety and productivity. These door shelters are manufactured and designed to withstand the daily wear and tear maintaining high quality, and also making sure it is best suiting the environmental changes.

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