Revealing the 6 Possible Causes of Baldness and Hair Loss

Bald is beautiful – isn’t it what they say? It should not be a major problem if you love sporting a bald head. However, some people are bald, but that’s not because of their choice.

Hairloss and baldness can be painful for some people. They want a full crop of hair, but there is no choice. These people are living with baldness and hair loss. All they need is a permanent solution.

You can opt for the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi. Opting for DHI is the best solution for you. It’s painless, quick, does not involve any bleeding, and is also the newest procedure. Before you can check out the DHI hair transplantation cost in India, look at this quick post, as we will reveal the six possible causes of baldness and hair loss.

#1 An Overactive or Underactive thyroid

If you have an underactive or overactive thyroid condition, it can result in hair loss. The condition causes a major hormonal imbalance.

Hormones help in regulating different functions in the body which includes hair growth. Getting the right treatment to control your thyroid condition or getting a DHI hair transplantation can help fix the issue.

#2 Hair Thinning During Pregnancy

Hair thinning is common during pregnancy. Once again, it is caused by hormonal imbalances in the body. During pregnancy, a woman undergoes several changes, which is why she loses hair or becomes thin.

Hair loss and thinning might continue three months after the baby is born. Blame it on the hormones – you can still undergo hair transplantation.

#3 It Could be Alopecia

Alopecia is the medical term for loss of hair. There are two kinds – androgenetic alopecia and alopecia areata. This only causes hair loss on your scalp or other body parts. Symptoms include thinning of hair, patches, balding, and more. Genetics is one of the causes of alopecia. In some cases, it could be permanent; in others, it is temporary.

#4 Certain Medications

You may get bald due to certain medications. The medications that may cause hair thinning include oral contraceptives, blood-thinning medications, sleeping pills, drugs for anxiety and depression, and more.

#5 Body Under Severe Physical Stress

If your body is under extreme physical stress, there is a chance your hair will become thin, or you might even experience total or partial balding.

A shock to your system or hair follicles could lead to hair loss. You can help your body by taking less stress, but if you have lost hair already, consider a hair transplantation procedure.

#6 Extreme Hair Care and Chemical-Induced Products

In case you have been using chemical-induced shampoos and conditioners, there is a chance you will experience hair fall and hair loss.

Don’t be alarmed because this is fairly common.

The hair you lost cannot come back, but you can surely get a hair transplant to get a full crop of hair within a few months.

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