Revive your Skin from Premature Aging with Professional Microneedling Serums USA

Microneedling or collagen induction therapy (CIT) is a moderately invasive cosmetic technique that provides a unique derma-roller mounted with micro-sterilized needles to produce skin-deep micro-insertions. This authentic skin rejuvenation solution makes tiny wounds via a derma pen, therein generating an optimal creation of collagen and elastin, the unique skin proteins offering strength and structure to the skin, and bringing in more elasticity respectively.

Nevertheless, even after such highly effective skin restoration methods, the skin specialists advise using the post-procedure lotion, also known as professional microneedling serums USA for increasing the absorption level by up to 300% via the micro-punctures created by the derma roller. Such lotion functions as an organic skin healing mechanism to mitigate acne, wrinkles, age spots, and skin bleaching by compressing the flabby skin, and making it more revitalized.

What Are The Different Constituents Utilized In Microneedling Serums?

Hyaluronic Acid

The post-procedure serums contain the highly functional skin hydrating element of hyaluronic acid that aids in significantly revitalizing worn-out skin. This effective ingredient is made with unique Australian vegan essentials, assisting to eliminate skin irritations, thanks to its natural odor-free formula. The hydrating component is delivered right into the skin through the micro-punctured pores made by the derma roller during the microneedling procedure.

Ceramide and Peptide

The microneedling serums are also composed of ceramide, which in turn comprise fatty acids, and outline nearly 50% of the outermost (dermis or epidermis) layer of the skin. This vital constituent functions as a potential skin barrier and retains back the essential moisture to the skin. In this context, the ceramide in the serums aids with accelerated healing methods, while revitalizing the skin through constant hydration. Hence, this serum with ceramide needs to be used both before and after the microneedling procedures and effectively brings a natural shine to the rough skin texture.

In addition, the constituent of peptide maintains the skin tautness, while optimally removing scars, acne, and wrinkles. This one-of-a-kind highly absorbing formulation assists in effectively improving the skin tone and texture, and never offers any negative impact on the skin.

Epidermal Growth Factor 

The ingredient of epidermal growth factor (EGF) in post-procedure lotions helps to rejuvenate the cellular structure of the skin while reconstructing the depleted skin by enhancing the hydration level. In addition, this constituent assists the skin cells to heal quicker and in a natural technique, whereas averting freckles and wrinkles. As EGF delivers optimal levels of collagen and elastin onto the skin, it naturally enhances the skin tone and texture, while bringing in increased elasticity. In addition, this constituent does not irritate the skin, due to the zero aromatic composition.

How the Serums Applied With Microneedling Treatments Bring Mileage To The Skin?

The skin treatment through microneedling techniques includes the applications of post-procedure lotions comprising active constituents for effectively gliding the derma pen over the micro-channels punctured by the micro-sterilized needles. Through such consistent piercings on the skin, the serum functions as an active element in deeply revitalizing the skin, while removing skin disorders like fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, acne, and more. Thus, the serum or post-procedure lotion acts like skin cream, seeping deep through the micro-punctures created during microneedling to restore the worn-out skin texture.

Increasing the level of absorption into the skin, the serum operates just like a padding layer between the skin and the derma roller micro-needle, and effectively hydrates the skin, as it possesses up to 1000 times of water its weight. However, before applying the serum, it is always advocated to consult a licensed Dermatologist and go for a skin patch test for certifying that the skin is not infected by a fungal or bacterial infection.

Thus, such serums avert any premature aging of the skin, like droopy skin, and make the skin textures tauter. The skin serums also safeguard the skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun, absorb surplus body oil, and prevent skin disorders effectively. Moreover, as these post-procedure lotions are reinforced with glycolic or salicylic acid, they act just like skin scrubbers, effectively eliminating the dead skin cells, and making them more glowing and healthy.

Winding Up

Getting into the bottom of such distinct premiums rendered by the professional microneedling serums USA from Dr. Pen, such natural skin therapy is highly advocated for the customers to obtain a flawless and revitalized skin tone and texture.

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