Revolutionary changes in the Heavy-lift transport services

Revolutionary changes in the Heavy-lift transport services

Major sectors such as oil & gas, energy generation, nuclear and construction businesses require huge equipment and machinery in their respective operations. Usually, heavy-lift transport services are utilized by companies working in these specific industries. However, at first transporting heavy and thousands of worth machinery across countries or globally was extremely difficult. The challenge isn’t limited to transporting only but also extends to activities such as boarding, lifting and setting the equipment.  But with technological advancements and huge leaps in the transport industry, things have changed for the better. Heavy lift transport services have now changed the whole conundrum. Companies are now adhering to standards pertaining to the environment, health, and safety.

They are also adapting to requirements that lead to better operational reliability and visibility. The whole transport industry ensures challenging situations that require the utmost flexibility and better yet efficiency. With such revolutionary changes in heavy lift services, companies now recruit qualified professionals and managerial expertise that supports the whole process. With technological advancements in pursuit, companies have now become more innovative and offer a diversified portfolio of services including lifting, installation and storage facilities.


Heavy lift transport service providers are now adopting a more user-friendly approach. For instance, companies now hire specialists that provide a comprehensive quote with a better more flexible cost and time schedule. Secondly, companies are now researching on route optimization and network for faster deliveries. Be it huge tons of heavy forklifts or cranes, faster delivery and quality services in heavy lift transport has now become a necessity.


Some of the challenges, however, faced by the heavy-lift transport companies are volatile exchange rates, political unrest, sky-rocketing fuel prices and variation in demand and supply. Given such tough complexities planning and analyzing the whole process takes a hit. Thus companies are now opting for a vertical related to equipment rental that helps cater both short and long term customers. Equipment rental also ensures a more flexible approach, especially when the needful requirement is to cater project-based companies.


Heavy lift transport companies in the Middle East usually cater to huge industries such as oil and gas. The equipment required for such industrial sectors includes huge oil rigs, machinery installation, specialized cranes, heat exchangers, and drilling and production equipment. There is a surge in the demand for dual-purpose cranes globally wherein, they transport as well as move heavy equipment to its place. Transport companies in Dubai are now expanding their operations to cater to a larger chunk of the consumer market. They have a fleet of specialized vehicles available to deliver equipment per se. They are also expanding their network globally to cater to a wider audience and looking into solutions that provides swift deliveries for heavy machinery in a day or two. Companies dealing in high value-heavy equipment also employ separate specialists that can deliver and reassemble equipment when it reaches the respective destination.


Pertaining to global heavy-lift transport services this is a known fact that delivering critical equipment via land is mostly impossible. Such worthy equipment is usually delivered via maritime or sea using specialized ships. Thus, higher safety standards and regulatory compliance are necessary. Also, companies providing heavy-lift transport services are now using mobility and visibility throughout the supply chain and logistics involved for effective communication and smoother flow of operations. With such technological advancement companies are also expanding into consultancy. Wherein, customers are given a clear picture of the cargo logistics involved also get to meet the staff that can provide you with flexible solutions containing temporary structures and simulations. For better reach companies are now investing in software development to connect with new trade partners and enter new markets.


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