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JJ Watt on Tuesday for surgery treatment of groin

JJ-Wat (J.Watt), Houston Texas, did not rely on his own strength to help the team won the game, and the final team gave the Kansas chief with 0-130, the first round of the playoffs was eliminated.

In addition to these three people, the defensive new increase line guards Dave Borgonzi, Jonathan Gannon, security coach Alan-Williams (Alan Williams) and Defensive Quality Management Coach David – David Overstreet II.

General Manager of Xiao Ma: Si Duke Wake can’t participate in the first battle

When the Indianapolis Pony ushered in the first game in the new season, they could not get the help of the first quartz, Andrew Luck.

The strong dialogue that seems to be extremely enemy, and the game process also makes people look shocked, but the score shows that there is a certain gap between the two sides. Why is this? The reason is that in addition to the rushing of the wild horse is better than the patriots, other parts are from coaches, outer hands, line guards, defensive latters, etc., the patriot is to win the horse, so it seems It is Brradi’s Dongfeng overwhelmed Manning’s west wind, but in fact, all-round patriots were worthy of the victory of this enemy.

The two sides launched an offensive in the cold wind. One is the reason for the weather. The two are the defensive groups of the two sides. The pavement of the two sides has little harvest, and it is difficult to receive the results of the pass. The wave offense has only one first attack. Subsequently, the wild horse ball team started to start. Emanuel Sanders and Demaro-Thomas began to get rid of the patriotic guards with the horizontal route, so that Manning frequently finds the idling target, and finally the first is defeated. Next, a wave of attack, Bill Belipk moved his brain, and he sighed the team to enhance the rhythm of the attack, let Brady will guide the unconstraining business attack, this time the wild horses are taken with the nose, but The defensive front line has begun to begin rule and patriots to attack the front line. Fortunately, Brradi can flash in the pocket, and finally let the attack continue, the patriot will recover the free kick 6-7.

James recently developed alard tearing when training, but he said on the social media on the social media on Friday, he has successfully accepted surgery. Since James is not injured in the team facilities, the wild horse can cut him after cutting him from 10.58 million US dollars. James is expected to take action on this.

James said in this: “I still need progress, becoming more reliable, in various cases, the difficulties should be difficult, I am better in this year, whether it is a psychological or physical body this year.”

The 2015 season near the HEALTH MILLER is unexpectedly decided, causing the steel man to sign the Ladarius Green, but the spring team talked about Green, so James has the opportunity to become The team’s starting close-up.

On the same day, the wild horses also signed the Bobby Massie and Cameron Fleming, and the two will compete for the vacancy position after James leaves. Exterior hands Dora En-Hamilton also crossed the knee in front of the team facilities.

Before the start of the 2019 season, James signed a 4-year $ 51 million contract with wild horses. But he is limited by the knee injury, only three games, and the 2020 season did not participate due to the new crown epidemic.

The offensive group is as follows: The offensive coordinator is served by Nick Sirianni, and the trainer is Tom Rathman, the outer handicraft coach Kevin Patun Patullo, near Tom Manning, Tom Manning, offensive front line assistant Babby Johnson (Bobby Johnson), 4-point Guijiao Marcus-Braddy (Marcus BRADY), offensive quality management coach Gangade-Teener (Gunnard Twyner). The work of the four-point guard may be held by Sriani, and Lake is responsible for the prevention of tactical layout.

Among them, there are three people who have been signed when McDaniel, who is originally hired, patriots, Josh McDaniels. They are defensive coordinator Matt – Matt Eberflus, offensive front line coach Dave Deguglielmo and defensive front line coaches Mike Phair.

The patriot is in most competitions before this season, is generally a single-handed single field, or Braddy is a burst, and even in the competition of the aviation, Braddy and pick-up hand are uninculture, but in this critical battle. In the case, Braddy and the gathering hands have a group outbreak! The whole game has only 1 kill, but there are 8 collisions, 8 manufacturing data, in other words, Braddy insisted in the hot, but this game, he showed the top of the top Pocket step movement: horizontal step, vertical step, avoid defense, all pace movements are wonderful, whenever Feng-Miller and Demucus-Ville see him, Braddy Just like the eyes of the brain, I escaped, this game Braddy’s pocket movement can not only be used as the model of the future Nfl jerseys quarter-point, but even let Breddy have capital toe high to Dan – Merino is waiting, Laozi is the first footage in the world.

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