Rewards and Past of Alterac Valley Battleground 1





Reputation and rewards

This battlefield gives players the chance receive a great number of unique and powerful rewards using their representatives from the Alterac Valley. Including however, not limited to WOW Classic Gold, epic weapons, orange suits, etc. Alliance players could get these rewards from your Thanthaldis snow within the Alterac Valley from the south, while Horde players can consult Jekyll Flandring inside foothills of Hillsbrad from the north.



There are several simple but for an extended time ways to improve your reputation

The following methods are also applicable to Stormspear Guard (Alliance) or Frostwolf Clan (Horde). At the same time, meeting one of many following conditions inside the Alterac Valley will likely earn you reputation: Killing the enemy general will gain 389 reputation, Killing the enemy faction lord will get 125 reputation, killing the enemy captain will get 125 reputation, killing the enemy commander, an enemy lieutenant, with an enemy commander will get 12 reputation and killing the enemy. Guards gain 5 reputation and killing enemies gains 1 reputation.


At the tip of the round, each with the following conditions brings prestige to players

Captain of my personal allies alive: 125 honors

Opponent Captain’s Death: 36 reputation

Gain 24 good name for each tower destroyed

Alliance Towers remain intact for 12 reputation (single)

If an enemy dies, a lieutenant killed can gain 12 reputation.

Kill an enemy commander to find 12 reputation

Gain 12 history of each enemy graveyard controlled

Gain 12 good reputation for each mine you control



Optional tasks

Remember that Alterac Valley (Alliance) and Alterac Valley Invaders (Horde) can gain 150 reputation.



Similar to Warsong Gulch, you will get rewards directly on the battlefield within the following conditions:

3 Alterac Valley Honor Marks

Receive an Alterac Valley Medal of Honor

These markers enable you to complete repeatable missions and gain reputation with Stormspear Guards (Alliance) or Frostwolf Tribe (Tribe). At the same time, you will get a large amount of discounts at zzwow Buy WOW Classic Gold, you can purchase the cheapest Warcraft gold here.

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