Rfid Access Door Intelligent Warehouse Warehousing Management Scheme

Warehouse management is the core content of enterprise management. It is an important thing to know the in and out situation of warehouse materials in time. However, there are many kinds of goods in the household warehouse, which are difficult to manage when the goods are in and out of the warehouse, low efficiency and high time cost, which greatly affect the normal development of the enterprise. The RFID access door is applied to the warehouse in and out management and connected to the warehouse management system to realize the intelligent warehouse in and out management of home.

Installation process

RFID tag information binding

RFID tag has a unique code in the world, which binds RFID tag with household warehouse goods and gives different kinds of goods an RFID electronic ID card.

Write the corresponding cargo information in different RFID tags, and then paste the RFID tag on the cargo to complete the information binding between the tag and the cargo.

Installation of RFID access door reader writer

Connect the RFID UHF channel door reader with the warehouse management system, and then install the RFID UHF channel door reader at the entrance of the warehouse. When the forklift carries goods into the warehouse, the RFID reader automatically obtains the RFID tag information.

RFID readers and writers are installed on both sides of the conveyor belt at the exit of the warehouse. The goods are transported out of the warehouse along the conveyor belt. When passing through the RFID reader and writer, the RFID tag and RFID reader and writer read and exchange data to complete the acquisition of information.

Use process


When the forklift truck carries the goods with RFID tags into the warehouse, the RFID access door reader writer can quickly and accurately read the tag information, and count the warehousing quantity and warehousing time of the goods. The whole identification process does not need to stay. The RFID access door reader / writer will upload the identified tag information, warehousing quantity and goods type to the management system for list verification. If the information is correct, it can be warehoused, and the goods will be handed over to the handling robot in the intelligent warehouse to store the batch of goods by classification; If the information is incorrect, mark the batch of goods and notify relevant personnel to deal with it.

Ex warehouse

The goods in the warehouse are transported out of the warehouse along with the conveyor belt. When passing through the RFID channel door reader writer, the RFID channel door reader writer reads the label information, obtains the information obtained from this delivery, and checks the label with the delivery list. If the information is correct, the goods will be delivered normally. If the information is inconsistent, the batch of goods will be marked, and the system will stop delivery, At the same time, the built-in buzzer and warning light of the RFID channel door reader will sound as a reminder.

Application benefits of RFID access door

Batch inbound and outbound: the RFID channel door has a multi tag group reading function, which enables group reading and fast reading of RFID tags during outbound and inbound, without stopping, so as to improve the efficiency of inbound and outbound;

Real time monitoring: the reader and writer can work for 24 hours × 365 days of real-time work, real-time uninterrupted collection of goods information, goods warehousing time and other information;

Illegal alarm: the built-in alarm light and buzzer will send alarm information when reading illegal labels or inaccurate label information in and out of the warehouse;

Digital information management: without manual recording and input of data, the RFID channel door automatically stores the information read into the management system;

Traceability management: it can trace the source of goods’ ex warehouse, warehousing, scheduling, etc.

Related hardware and software recommendations

RFID access door

Jy-td4818 is a high-performance UHF RFID channel gate reader. It uses dual core CPU to work together, which greatly improves the overall performance. The unique multi tag recognition algorithm is applied to provide high recognition efficiency and ultra-high tag response speed. It is mainly used for access management in storage, stores, libraries / archives, equipment assets and other scenarios, and plays the role of batch identification and anti-theft alarm.

RFID access door entry and exit management system

Adopt advanced and mature RFID technology to accurately and quickly identify items, conduct batch inventory of incoming and outgoing materials, manage the warehousing and outgoing of materials, and give alarm prompts for illegal entry and exit, so as to solve the pain points of customers’ material warehousing and inventory efficiency, urgently improve the inventory efficiency, realize material information management, and provide a variety of data report information. It can seamlessly connect ERP, MES and other platform systems, and the data interaction is barrier free.

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