RFID System and Development Trend in 2022

RFID generally refers to radio frequency identification technology. It is a kind of automatic identification technology. It carries out non-contact two-way data communication through radio frequency, and uses radio frequency to read and write recording media (electronic tags or RFID Card Manufacturer), so as to achieve the purpose of identification and data exchange. It is considered to be one of the most promising information technologies in the 21st century.

RFID system includes tags and packages, small rfid reader/writer usb, software and system integration services, and software includes middleware and application systems.

1. RFID will be applied to positioning, encryption and sensor integration

With the strong support of the government, the rapid economic development and the use of information technology to improve efficiency and quality around the world, UHF RFID applications will be gradually promoted. In the future, UHF RFID will be mainly applied to positioning, encryption and uhf rfid reader writer integration. In terms of positioning, beam control positioning of multi antenna array, three-point positioning based on satellite positioning, and 3D processing trajectory positioning based on signal strength and phase change are adopted. In terms of encryption, it ensures the optimization of cost, performance and speed, and realizes the high-sensitivity application of labels in the encryption environment. On the premise of better cost control, the integration of high-sensitivity and high-precision sensors can be realized.

2. Tend to green development

With climate warming, frequent extreme weather conditions and environmental pollution, the international community is paying more and more attention to environmental protection and constantly introducing policies to reduce the negative impact of economic development on the environment. The traditional production process of RFID Tag Manufacturer is mainly based on the technology of etching copper foil or aluminum foil, but in the production process of etching process, there will be waste, waste gas and waste water, and even some toxic and even highly toxic waste, which has brought serious harm to our living environment. Therefore, whether it is the living environment or the market, new electronic label technology and new element injection are needed.

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