RGIII isn’t the only rookie who is racking up yards in massive

The Redskins begin the postseason riding an eight-game winning streak,recovering from a 3-6 mark on their bye,to  Mut 24 coins climb up to be at the summit of the NFC East.Griffin totally changed his fortunes for a team which had not made an appearance in the postseason since 2006 The team was one of the most boring teams in Madden NFL 24.The RGIII team was a huge success from the start and enthralled the Saints in the first week and later leading as the newly appointed captain throughout the season.

Mike as well as Kyle Shanahan dramatically altered their offensive strategy to match the RGIII’s skills,using the pistol as well as the zone-read option.Chris Brown highlighted the offensive adjustments in Washington,and the Redskins executed it flawlessly against Dallas to win their place in the playoffs on Sunday.Griffin averages nearly seven yards per carry when using the zone-read.Even with the knee brace he was able to find running space on the outside in the game against Cowboys.Although he’s not 100 per cent,Shanahan and RG3 have chosen the best spots to force defenses to choose and is athletic enough to gain yards even when he’s not running at the top of his game.

Of of course,RGIII isn’t the only rookie who is racking up yards in massive chunks from the backfield.In his debut year,Alfred Morris has been a very productive running back.The sixth-round selection stole all the attention in the final game of the season.Morris scored a record-breaking 200 yards game against the Cowboys as he set the Redskins single-season record for rushing.Morris finished the season at 1.613 yardsthe second-highest total since Adrian Peterson had more-and scored 13 touchdowns,including seven in the final four games.The rookie rips through holes and swiftly moves into the next level the defense,which is a perfect fit in the Redskins new offensive.The rookie duo led Washington to the top rush offense in cheap madden 24 coins  Madden NFL 24 with an average of 169.3 yards per game.

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