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The Ford, who was injured, won 14 cockroaches and 6.5 times, and won 3 times in the playoffs and killed 1 time. After receiving surgery, he will have a healthy manner to have more beautiful data in the new season.

Wilson’s continuation of $ 21.9 million in salary is only slightly lower than the annual average salary of the Aaron Rodgers, the Aaron Rodgers, at least in Indianapolis Pony 4-point guard – Rogers will be the four-point guards that Rogers will be the four-point guard of the union salary before Rock Luck. The guarantee amount obtained by Cam Newton, a 50 million US dollar guarantee income and the team’s renewal of the team’s renewal of 5 years. The guarantee amount obtained by Cam Newton is located at the same level.

The two sides continue to end the deadlock between the two sides since the start of the offset period, the two sides set the deadline for the end of the negotiations when they started training on Friday morning. In the past few weeks have been taking each other for the integration of contractual amounts and ensuring income.

wholesale nfl jerseys official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that the contracts signed in the informed people were 4 years, and the value reached 87.6 million US dollars. The contract includes $ 31 million signing bonus, guaranteed income of $ 60 million.

In 2012, the third round of the selected Wilson’s career opening is one of the most impressive in all NFL quartz. In the three seasons, he ranked first in the total number of winners (42 games), the number of winners (6 games) and the superb bowl first (2 times). He ranked second in four-point guard (98.5), ranking fourth in terms of passage of the ball (84 times). Since entering the alliance in 2012, the number of winning attacks he led is the most quadruple (15 times).

In addition, another four-point guarded Teddy-Bridge Bridgewater will be re-accepted. Since the beginning of the season, BRESVOT was placed in a list of injury, but he would be able to have a qualification to return in the sixth week.

Ford continued to be troubled by knee tendonia last season, and he also missed 5 games due to leg gluters. The 29-year-old Ford is only a 22% defense in the regular season, but his appearance time has risen to 53.2% in the playoffs.

If Bridgewater can appear and show his maiden, Wi-Beijing needs to make difficult choices between his and Bradford. They may only sign up with one of them. If Bridgewater is excellent, Viking can also re-ignite for this season.

Los Angeles Lightning will put the second grade close-end strike in the injury reserve list
On Sunday, Los Angeles Lightning faces not only ten games cheap jerseys from china the Chief of Kansas City. They lost the best opportunities to enter the playoffs, and lost the future of the team’s important offensive group.

“After this season, there will be next season, then there will be a next season, then there is another season,” he said. “This is what we are fighting now, not the spring training in front of you. Epidemic prevention is more important than the game.”

It seems that Wiki people will face important choices. Bradford is currently in the last year of the contract, and Bridgewater is also after the Wiki refused to perform the fifth year. Both people have serious injuries, but Bradford’s injury history is more worrying. Bradford is 5 years old than Bridgewater, but he is very good in the first week before you have encountered knees.

Bradford accepted a nuclear magnetic resonance imaging examination, and the results show that he did not encounter new injuries. Viking Trainer Eric Sugarman said that Bradford is currently suffering from the previous two surgery.

“I am a bit like a gray zone. I graduated, I got a doctorate of medicine, but I haven’t applied for a station project,” Du Wo Netir is expressed in an interview. “So I have no license number. Usually, people will directly participate in the hospital after graduation. I have contacted the public health institutions, Quebec Government, and the McGill University school, see what I can make contribution Good role. Basically we decided to make me the best role in the name of Quebec to strengthen these public health measures to maintain social distance and all health methods & mdash; & mdash; transfer this information, especially for young people. ”

Laurent Duvernay-Tardif is now a doctor who did not practice. He took the initiative to put forward Montreal in his hometown to fight new crown epidemics, and he was told that he could do that advocacy to maintain social distance, washing hands, and other methods to prevent viral spread.

In Monday Night, Monday Night, Bradford was obviously affected by the knee injury, and during the game, he left in advance. Sugarman accumulated in the representative of Viking, unwilling to take risks, let Bradford continue to play, and they will not guess how Bradford will lack. According to Bradford, it is likely to start in the next game of Green Bay packaging work in the next game in Bradford.

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