Ridley Scott Reveals New Alien Film is in Process

The Blade Runner famed veteran director Ridley Scott said to the extreme delight of fans that a new film from the Aliens franchise is, in fact, in work, but he conveyed his wish not to visit the world created in the 2012 film “Prometheus” and 2017 film “Aliens: Covenant.”

Many fans were wondering whether Ridley Scott would return to the Alien franchise in which he had tasted both the critical acclamation and commercial affluence after he made a delightful return to the science fiction domain with dystopian science fiction drama “Raised by Wolves” released on HBO Max in which he directed the first two episodes and was an executive producer in all of the episodes. Scott made his stance clear in the recent interview he gave to Forbes in which he revealed that though an Alien film is in process, he will not visit the worlds created in recent Prometheus movies.

In the interview, he expressed his dilemma while conveying excitement for the project. He said that though Prometheus’ world has done well in regenerating the audience’s interest in the world of the Alien franchise, he doubts that whether just remaking everything would make the franchise what it was in the early 1980s and 90s. Scott sides with sticking to the roots of the franchise and creating a modern film out of it.

Ridley Scott directed the first film of Aliens, which was released back in 1979, starring Sigourney Weaver. He returned to the franchise with the 2012 film Prometheus.

Other veteran directors like Titanic famed James Cameron, Gone Girl famed David Fincher, Amelie famed Jean-Pierre-Jeunet directed the sequels of the 1979 film. Cameron directed the second film, Aliens, Fincher, who was a newcomer back then directed Alien 3, and Jeunet had directed the fourth and last film in continuation, Alien Resurrection.

Forbes interview is not the first time Ridley Scott has expressed his desire to return to the roots of Aliens. In May of this year, he conveyed similar thoughts to the Los Angeles Times in which he said that the “Alien” franchise still had a lot of “mileage” left, but the production needed to re-evolve in order to survive in the competition. Scott also relayed his thoughts on how he is planning to move the franchise forward; he revealed that while making the first film, he was interested in the depth. “Who, why, and for what purpose will be the next idea,” He enthused.

Ridley Scott is currently involved in the 20th Century Studios film “The Last Duel,” a historical epic written by Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Nicole Holofcener. The plot of the film is centered around the rivalry between two friends turned foes Jean De Carrouges (played by Matt Damon) and Jacques Le Gris (played by Adam Driver).

The film now has a tentative release date of October 15th, 2021.

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Source: Ridley Scott Reveals New Alien Film is in Process

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