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External handle, Nianxi-Isari still not abandon re-play

Due to the injury of the neck, the external hand is added to the reserve / unable training list before the Quince Enunwa, helpful resources which means he can’t play 2020 season.

Bryant is still free to be free after being signed by a denim in April. Will he consider joining a team that is rebuilding or will continue to wait for the gain of a champion competitor? Can Brown willing to give Bryter a contract he hoped?

Jet Airline Weaning Jankins: I have been tired of failure

Since the 2015 season, the New York jet has no record of the year is more than a lot, and Jordan Jenkins has also joined the team during this time.

Wilke was injured in the Temple of Houston, and Texas Strong Safety D. J. Swinj. Swewearinger hit the Wilke helmet was violated, and Wilke was injured. Swallin’s foul was sentenced to 15 yards of personal foul, but it was not fined so far. PEYTON Manning is very dissatisfied with Wilke, so he started to start in front of Swallinger after completing 29 yards. Results The impulse of Manning has also been punished: this has become the first personal foul in his league, but he won the respect of his teammates.

Whether Wilke can completely restore and participate in the regular season of Sunday night with the Indiana pony team. Since August 24, he has been treated since his brain shock, and returned to the court on Monday to wear a helmet and participated in unconventional exercises. Wild Majet Coach John Fox (John Fox) After training, I said: “He is treated, while training. It is now good, just like I said last week, we also care about his health, whether Wilke is The problem of playing is cautious. “

“Due to new crown epidemics, there are many unpredictable things in the free market. Some people have not got the contract, etc., but I am really happy to stay in the jet.” Jenkins told reporters, “I have been very very Dear Defensive Coordinator Greg Williams and all staff. When I first arrived, I knew that the jet and very victories, the results of the past four years are also sad. & Hellip; & hellip; I am tired of failure, I will work harder, try to change the game. “

Jenkins is a jet 2016 three-wheeled show, which has been effective for the team for four years. Due to the full performance of the 2019 season, the jet and Jenkins have been about a year, and he also has different expectations in his heart.

Wales is from the University of Alabama, which is the second high of the signature of the signature contract, second only to Xi Tu A-Tengovaroa (TUA TAGOVAILOA). The offensive cutaway before he was the Andrew Thomas (the first round of the giants).

John Dorsey, General Manager of the team, cheap nfl jerseys From china said that the team said that the team has discussed Bryant’s possibility on Wednesday. Dorsse said that the former Dallas denim junction is one of the Number of Number of Brown.

Before Iwa, I have missed the same injury. The 2017 season is only played in the 2019 season. Considering that Isai is absent for so much, but the injury seems to have no signs of improvement, and many people think that he will not step on the football court.

“I have a chance to meet with Dez,” Dorset said. “I am thinking of Dudez, I have chance to watch his training and have the opportunity to meet him. I know what kind of person he is. He is very Excellent players. We discussed the Dudez – Bryant? Yes, this is a natural idea. You will have this discussion. Now, we will see what the next few days will, but We discussed this thing. You have to discuss this thing. “

For Kaibo, this is back to the old home. He served as a raid from the 2007 and 2008 season, followed by a team temporary coach in the mid-2008 season. In 2009 and 2010 he served as a coach of the raid, and the team got 17 wins and 27 losses.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported on the informed people in the Saturday that the former Seattle Hawks attacked the front line coach will join the Auckland raid trainer group and become their new offensive front line coach.

However, Iwa is not willing to give up. He told reporters: “If I can play, I will fight. But if the doctor said that I can’t play the ball, I can’t do anything. But if I have the ability to play, my enthusiasm Compared with the desire, it will not be reduced before. “

Since November 17, Wilke has been shocking in the third brain. Last week he had resumed and went to Texas to participate in the last preseason with the Dallas Deni, Wilke wore jersey ran several routes before the game, did not wear a helmet. He will continue to be treated before fully recovery.

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